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Person buys ammunition and makes all sales face to face online orders have to be shipped to a licensed vendor store where customers can pick them up before selling or handing over ammunition vendors have to make sure customers are not on a justice department list of people who are not allowed to buy guns such is convicted felons gun rights organizations have already filed a lawsuit against this law view county's grand jury final report says pro active policy saved lives in the camp fire the beauty county grand jury finish their ten year last week in in their final report they focused heavily on the November eighth campfire some of their findings well changes made in the wake of a fire ten years ago the humble fire save lives during this most recent disaster some of those changes were clearing vegetation on the sky way the main thoroughfare out of paradise as well as a pavement project for highway one seventy one the upper portion of the sky way they noted that these changes help people evacuate and also made it so roads were passable as the fire raged around them some of the improvements the grand jury recommended including better fire resistant uniforms for law enforcement and the purse yes I've infrared camera equipped drones that could help in the fire fight Mike baka news ninety three point one Kathy Kay a seventy three year old man is safe and recovering eight days after he became separated from the group is hiking with in the Angeles National Forest in California in Eugene Joe disappeared on sun I had the pleasure of going in and telling them that we found and and then only they found he was alive they were overjoyed he disappeared last Saturday an LA county sheriff's sergeant John Gilbert says the share of search and rescue team found him over the weekend a long way from his original hiking route officials say he was able to walk and communicate but he was very weak after not eating for five days he was released from the hospital yesterday democratic presidential candidate the judge says his campaign raised twenty four point eight million dollars in the second quarter of the year it's a massive hall for the south bend Indiana mayor who saw a surge in the polls after the candid debate in Miami last week C. N. B. C. reports but a judge is one of three candidates including former vice president Joe Biden in California center Kamel Harris who have gained the support of big money find answers Harris raise more than two million dollars in the twenty four hours after the debate now we'll get you caught up on all of this hour's top national stories on news ninety three point one K. it became.

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