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And that's really all I stay try to stay focused on got really do. I've never been a grass is greener kind of guy. Always just kind of bloom where I'm planning coach Steven Naismith is done picking against two. I'm done. I'm done with it. I've done with the coach I got one of the greatest motivational speakers. You don't even know it. I got to. I gotta do. No. And I kind of do. About four three two was boy that was the Larry. Appreciate you Coachmen. And I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. That was a phenomenal performance Monday. Now, I never saw that coming. I thought it was possible you could win. I never saw that beatdown coming that was unbelievable. Unbelievable. I appreciate it, man. You're the best. Always enjoy your perspective. Thanks look forward to seeing you. Sometimes you will. I make sure when I come back come into this. I am coming. I am coming I'll cover extend impact. National championships. We've legitimize you you. You actually come see us. That'd be great comet. You our team of face to face apology for never picking us ever play back. Playing oklahoma. And you said Baker Mayfield and any will never be Baker Mayfield. And so you you I don't recall that one not Oklahoma Alabama. Yes. I over this. I'm sure they got. Hey, listen, look it up. I'll come down there and apologize. I'll come down. I'll come to a matter of fact, I'm supposed to be Carolina and a couple of weeks. I will make sure to drop down just to apologize to y'all love it. All right. We're gotta parade to Saturday. We might need to put you on the flu. I'm going to be in LA Dallas Cowboys Cowboys. Right. That'd be a good. No it coach. Thank you. Appreciate everything. Thank you so much all the best happy new year. That's just a sample of one. You'll hear on the Stephen swift show weekdays at one PM eastern on Sirius XM channel eighty and the ESPN app..

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