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W. J. twenty four hour traffic center and will you watch in there now lance while I'm watching the line of snow come across the area is actually almost completely out of a Oakland county it extends from the Ann Arbor area Ypsilanti Romulus up through Wesley in Garden City all the way through win county up to Warren sterling heights in again it's moving fairly creek quickly so hopefully by eleven thirty or so we will see a completely clear but the places where it is coming through it is making poor slick conditions fortunately so far only one reported road run off and that's up but I seventy five in the Clarkston area reporting live lance our W. W. jeans radio nine fifteen all righty thank you lance and we'll update traffic and weather together just ahead and eleven await and lance we'll have another update stay with us W. W. J. news time eleven old for lawmakers on Capitol Hill are anxious for more details about developments overseas and that includes Michigan democratic congresswoman Debbie Dingell says just like families whose loved ones are overseas she wants to know the latest house and Senate will have separate classified briefings with secretary of state secretary defense the CIA director among others and hopefully we will have more information Diggle says she does not want to see the country goal to war but adds that the US must protect itself the very latest from CBS coming up in a special report at eleven twenty meantime US representative Phyllis a slot can saying this strike brings back bad memories from the three tours she served in Iraq in a statement she says quote there is nothing that prepares you for the sound of incoming fire tonight she says she's watching the coverage and thinking of the service members and diplomats who are in harm's way and about their families back at home worried about them she added that we are now in a cycle of escalation that threatens to draw us into a wider war the president and his team should remember she says the gravity of their responsibilities and be prepared to explain their strategic plans lock in is a former CIA analyst and the CI a Shia militia militia expert the Iraqi consulate in Southfield is inviting people to offer condolences to Iraqi victims of a U. S. bombing that killed an Iranian general and others there will be a register of condolences available tomorrow the Iraqi consulate made the announcement on Facebook the attack last week near the Baghdad airport kill the Iranian general psalm psalm Amani Iraqis are part of a large air of American population in the Detroit area Detroit is part of a pilot program to take DNA samples from illegal immigrants at the border customs and border patrol in Detroit and taxes are taking DNA samples that will be sent to the FBI to be held indefinitely in a criminal database the trump administration says the aim is to cut down on crime Stephen gang with the ACLU says he's not so sure many people are deported very quickly out of CD key custody and like the DNA results may not even come back before the person deported and so if that's the case that you're not gonna use DNA results in any meaningful way like why even bother doing it Kane says the DNA could link those detained to family members who live here obviously immigrants who come to the border how often have family members on a lot of ties here and so that's you know one problem it's not just about people who are in immigration detention the DNA that will only be taken from those not crossing it legal checkpoints Sandra McNeil WWJ newsradio nine fifty how will the turmoil in the Middle East and continued uncertainty and US economic policy impact Michigan's economy and twenty twenty it was the topic discussed at an afternoon form at the Detroit economic club global instability along with terrorists and slower immigration are putting Michigan a greater risk of recession in twenty twenty according to a noted economist Diane Szwarc of grant Thornton who spoke at motorcity casino's sound board she says she places the risk of recession at one in three for our state also on the panel was Jeff Donofrio director of Michigan's labor and economic opportunity department Leo who answered the question this way the uncertainty that we have certainly in trade the uncertainty that we have a large economies around the world and then you know I think when the uncertainty that we can't ignore that when trade policy can change view tweets it injects even that much more on instability still Donofrio says Michigan job growth grew at one half of one percent to twenty nineteen with one hundred thousand more people working in the state in Detroit John Hewitt W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty coming up after traffic and weather some chain just may be coming to Michigan's driver's license will explain W. W. Jamie's time eleven await.

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