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Have any spinouts there. And, of course, keep your headlights on the Saturday at 9 A.m. Shop Regency Furnitures Greatest offer, Say, 65% off all furniture. The earlier you shop, the bigger the discounted Regency's Beat the Cock Sail Bob Little detail P traffic. Let's talk about this weather. Mike Stanford, my kid and I decided to go to Mount Vernon and walk in the rain. My gosh, I was freezing, but it was really lovely. The rain on the trees and the puddles. It was really, really pretty. Yeah, that's pretty much where the center of post Tropical Storm Zeta is right now, right along that area, right heading into the Potomac, moving to the east northeast of 53 Miles an hour. And it's moving quickly and it is taking the rain with it, and I would not be surprised if the flood watch that's an effect of the region. Now it gets cancelled early as they're heavy rain blows out the flood Watch star been canceled. So far. Northern and Western Summer's fun warning continues, especially along in east of I 95 with it. We'll see. Those warnings also start come to an end as the runoff continues, and we start to see some better weather, so in fact, across some of the northern suburbs I did see a pig or two of sunshine before the sun's down at 6 11 this evening, so the heavy rains moving out. The worst of it's coming to an end still could be some gusty winds over southern Maryland, where when adviser goes until eight o'clock. Overnight at risk of some showers. Breezy and colder. Those mid forties to lower fifties could be a couple showers Friday morning. Many before noon. We'll see some sunshine, the athlete, but the big story tomorrow blustery conditions and cold temperatures highs in the upper forties to mid fifties. Sunshine Saturday Chilling highs mid forties too low fifties one more Sunday but could be risks. Amore rain by late today as a front comes our way in Ohio near 60. Only 52 Frederick Right now It's 67 in Fredericksburg, 58 in college Park and Sean Hillary. We have a temperature of 62.

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