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That works on it. The Chelsea curves that earlier crash a car street has cleared the river road slur in good shape, so the airport tunnels, David said. Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes and taking a look at the four day forecast. We're currently under a wind advisory could be looking at 20 to 30 Mile an hour gusts maybe up to near 50 miles an hour, especially near the coast. That, combined with a thunderstorm crossing the area could mean some damage. And some power outages, otherwise clearing tonight low of 45 Tomorrow's going to be blustery, feeling colder intervals of sun and clouds eyes between 50 and 55 real fields in the thirties, though, for much of the day Tuesday chilly sun and clouds, maybe some rain highs in the upper forties. Wednesday is going to be cooler, but Sun's out highs in the upper thirties. Right now it is 48 degrees in Gloucester, 46 in Methuen. 47 overcast in Boston at 5 35. Hurricane Iota is taking aim at Nicaragua and Honduras, the same countries clobbered by a hurricane Ada just two weeks ago. Unfortunately, it is running into the same places that saw ADA in Central America. So this is Nicaragua and Honduras. San Pedro Sula, which saw up to 2.5 Ft of Rain from ADA will see another 1 to 2 FT. At least there could be another tune of half feet in spots of a CBS meteorologist, David Parkinson. Significant milestone today for Latina police officers and the Lawrence Police Department's motorcycle unit. According to the Eagle Tribune, Ari, Skilled to Eddie Southworth was named the first female on the Lawrence.

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