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Keeping connected what people have lost that connection and you can recreate it even like this. I've never met you kevin. But now i see your face. I see her expression. Were having a nice conversation. We feel connected way more than we did before forty five minutes ago. That's a fact. So that even this little bit of connection goes a long way so create that connection but you have to be purposeful about it for sure and it has to be regular and consistent much like rewards and recognition if you do something on a half. Baked infrequent aren't used to that. So this working remotely requires maybe. It's a team huddle every morning for ten minutes if nothing else just to check in over teams or whatever bidet you're using maybe it's once a week at the end of friday where you have a team huddle over teams you talk about the week but it has to be purposeful. It has to be on a regular basis and consistent those are those are the ways to succeed in the future. Because i think there's going to be a lot more of this not a lot less and in fact that's one of the things we're doing it brokers internationals introducing new remote working al-aziz to provide people more opportunity to work like this but it does require different management skills and much more leadership in an environment like this but i think those are some of the ways that we can do it so i put jewish questioning up here. He says. and you've answered this in part. But i want to just call it out in the. You wanna add in answering joe here. What advice would you give to new leaders when trying to balance lead versus manage especially in the new remote world. Anything you would add to what we already said. You bet great question. Joseph number one thank you for for writing in we really appreciate it But more importantly as a new leader. I would sit down with a with mine new team and i would describe the rules for working with me or this. How do i work more. My expectations with respect communication. If i sent you a text.

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