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This Saturday and I hope you're safe and sound wherever you are. Well, we thought we'd be having a game three of the Giants and Padre Siri's would have been a good game today, Kevin Gausman and lament for the Padres. But last night as you know, just before The Giants are ready to take the field against the Padres, Things came to a halt. There is a member of the Giants team that has tested positive. At least yesterday. Let's hope it may be a false positive, but it was a positive and the game was cancelled last night today is canceled. We haven't heard about tomorrow yet, but it is Everyone has said more than likely the game tomorrow will be canceled. And who knows when the Japs will be on the field again? So we're still here to talk baseball? We've got a good show for you. But ah Unfortunately, we don't have a game today. Giants are a hot team. They're playing great baseball and really looking forward to this Padre Siri's the first game of the Syriza Padres, they use the long ball. Not Trevor Cahill around. But Drew Smyly brought himself back on the major league level and had a terrific relief, adding, So that was good. But then we got the news last night about what was going on. So Glad to be with you today. Glad to be back after a couple of weeks of rehab for me. I'm glad to be back with you today. And, of course, joined by and I can't thank him enough. And I'm very happy to do these shows with Emma's well, and that is my dear friend. Bill Lasky. Bill, How are you today? Well, first off, Marty. Welcome back. I know Giant fans, including myself. Want to hear that voice and I'm very happy to hear you're back and I know giant fans. They're thrilled, too. And Looking forward to doing his pre game show with you. I know we got a great show ahead of us and just Ah, little worried. What's going down in San Diego? And you know, when the Giants left San Francisco playing real good baseball, they had a hiccup on Friday. I was looking forward to yesterday's game with Cueto and Richards, that and of course today. Would have been another good pitching matchup. But now we wait. Now we're on the stall factor. And when is there going to start again? And hopefully whoever has the Koven 19 is feeling better Private day and it hasn't spread and I think that's the number one concern. Yeah, Safety and getting everyone safe. Giants playing great baseball. They've got Ah, wildcard spot right now. But boy, these next 15 games they're going to be something to see how they're made up. And to watch the other division. So that is September baseball. So there's no one better to talk baseball with then the third base coach of the San Francisco Giants, the professor Ron Wotus. Time.

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