Marie Kovin, Paul Conroy, Assad discussed on As It Happens from CBC Radio


Well it was clear to me from in the beginning after speaking to paul conroy who you may recall was injured with marie that she was targeted paul could hear the r tear artillery bracketing them which is different kind of sound challenge was proving it and the center for justice and accountability has spent literally years interviewing defectors refugees experts in the field to collect this evidence which is makes it extremely clear that the assad regime marshaled all of their political security and military operatic to target the journalists not only marie but to really silence the news and prevent the truth from getting out there was a statement that has been revealed that was made by a syrians a major generosity shahada who said i'm sure this is disturbing to but your sister marie kovin was a dog and now she's dead let the americans help her now yeah that was the that was the worst the hardest part of the evidence for me to read honestly because i really adored my sister the lawsuit part of the motivation obviously was very personal i've just angry at her being taken away from from me my family but reading that celebration and imagining them laughing and jeering getting rewarded even with cars for the successful attack you really hit the the most difficult part of the testimony for me to absorb i'm so sorry she was for so many people an inspiration because of how cringe she was she was able to get into homes soon underground water tunnel in in twenty twelve is when her final days of reporting our and you can just tell us people may remember some of these images and stories she was telling what she reporting.

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