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Draw lee into it lee on the other hand if i read you correctly professor has in mind that he will destroy the union army in pieces he will run over a part of it and then as the others come to the rescue he will destroy them is that correct that's correct veteran crack why he sends richard you'll score in that long strain cook northwards casasco hanna river overlooking harrisburg who is not so much that leave one group harrisburg he take it if it was offered but if the real aim in sending you up there is to draw of union army after him to wear them out in pursuit and then when they're after most vulnerable to suddenly concentrate on strike them piece by piece which is what we're about to see except for there is a political determination here if i reject correctly professor john reynolds is the pennsylvania in fact the governor of pennsylvania missed curtain who runs a political machine that dominates the rest of the century missed curtain has asked reynolds at one point to be commander of the pennsylvania militia rentals doesn't like the idea that needs leaving his pennsylvania to the ravaged is that why reynolds forces the fight or at least plunges into what becomes the fight that's exactly the reasoning with reynolds offers to his division commanders but he was concerned that meets plan to fight a defensive battle behind pipe creek in maryland was going to allow but confederate army to run riot through so central pennsylvania and bear in mind that john reynolds is normally from pennsylvania he's from lancaster he is from south central from slovenia his family owns property there and how tim century john reynolds and everything that reynolds held dear was right on the crosshairs of the confederate army and he's certainly could not sit quietly ron george me decided to a band of uh to the tender mercies of the confederate army all right the.

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