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Against the Phillies over the course of this season and let's see how that plays out there's one name in particular that's proven to be a real Philly killer leading offer them shortstop Miguel row Haas all young players by the way don't know if they'll be good but they are young the Marlins have a history of trading off they're really talented players arm and then that that's probably going to be what they're gonna do forever just a bad franchise that probably shouldn't be down in Miami anyway Miguel row house leads off at shortstop the let the right fielder batting second is Herald Ramirez off to a good starting three sixteen is the youngster with two home runs eighteen RBIs Garrett Cooper the first baseman's probably their most dangerous hitter he is hitting three twenty five at the midway point of the season seven home runs and twenty seven RBIs betting fourth is the third baseman Brian Anderson two fifty two average he leads them in home runs with eleven RBI's with thirty seven Marlys brought in veteran presence Curtis Granderson this year to kind of teach the young guys how to play he's a great clubhouse presence he's a terrific guy to have around unfortunately I don't think you can really play much anymore Granderson is hitting one eighty five seven home runs in twenty one RBIs he's he's kind of cooked at this point in his career starling Castro is up playing at the end of his career in Miami as well to thirty three batting average betting seven the back from the concussion former Philly Jorge Alfaro the catcher arm I watched him good amount early in the season any any did down there what he did here he hits for power he's got nine home runs again he's missed time with a couple of injuries most recently a concussion he just came back from this weekend seven to fifty five which is okay man he strikes out of town never walk strikes at a ton is Benny seven today in batting eighth for the Marlins playing center field is J. T. rental if you look at JT reels numbers he said one ninety six if you look at how we does against the Phillies is Ted Williams he's got three home runs against the Phillies he had a double yesterday he's just crush the Phillies all year hopefully he does not do that day pitching for the Marlins today is Trevor Richards he's three and eight on the season three ninety four we are a not a very good June for him is one and three Hey go for twenty three are eight it's not hideous twenty seven innings struck out twenty five with ten walks two one six at home this year for thirty seven ERA so is a tougher time in Miami than he does on the road we'll see what how he does today against the Phillies and here is your Phillies lineup couple changes today Scott Kingery leaves off I love ms leadoff hitter right now I think that's the real smart way to go and king three as look terrific in his second year is batting averages at three twenty two struck the little but even expecting hit three forty he's got ten home runs on the half the season still as of two hundred bats of the power is there twenty six RBIs really in a season where there's been a lot of ups and downs for the Phillies he's been a very pleasant pleasant development for them G. score bats second employees shortstop is average is all the way down to sixty six after being around three thirty earlier in the year Bryce Harper course batch third we talked to Jack McCaffrey interesting perspective by Jack if you look at Harper stats they're not much to forty three average fourteen homers fifty five RBIs is good to lead the team are but he does show up to play every day any hostiles in his defense is better than we thought he's he's involved all the time Reese Hoskins bats fourth for the Phils hit the home run yesterday his nineteenth of the season as we said they're gonna choose the all star extras to night my vote would be for Hoskins we'll see how that happens Nerys probably will be the answer on that Oscars beds for today had to sixty five nineteen homers in fourteen of CD fifty four RBIs JT real Muto back from injury is gonna catch today he has been the same player since he came back from getting hit last weekend but I have confidence in he's he really is a great addition to the team he's at the two sixty one with ten home runs batting seven for the Phillies today will be Cesar Hernandez second baseman the veteran second baseman hidden to seventy nine still he said home runs in one of today ten ten fourteen nineteen ten Hernandez with seven batting seven his bread Miller's gonna play left field because J. Bruce are remains out of the lineup Bruce hurt himself the other day a little elbow tightness nothing serious but he's not going to play again today so Brad Miller will bat seventh and play left field Mikhail Franco bats ace and will play third base today twelve home runs to twenty four show little life in the last week hopefully it continues and pitching for the Phillies today Jake area who we talked about earlier he's at an up and down season two into the six a teeny Iran last five stars not good at all Tana homers eight in twenty seven innings that has been an issue for him and the entire Phillies team they need to get this win today that's going to do for us again I want to take a moment just to thank Steve McFadden who's been a producer on Sundays during these leading often done a terrific job moving ahead with his life we will miss him stay tuned Jim Jackson.

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