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Attorney Michael Friedman. And we're excited to be fully back in business. Although there are certain advantages to working from home, there's nothing like the energy created by a group working together under the same roof for a single purpose. And it loves is Michael Friedman. Our purpose is to provide full service representation for those folks seriously injured by the negligent act of another. Although clearly our specialty is motor vehicle torts. We handled a wide range of cases premises liability where one's injured on another's property because of the owner's negligence, slip and fall accidents on the job injuries and some kind of cases we haven't even thought about yet. Yep. We handle them all with the same professional service Our clients have come to expect. So if you were level has been injured by the necklace inactive another You want to discuss your options. Please give us a call at 410363. 6848 for a free, no obligation consultation, and there's never a fee unless there's a recovery. The law offices of Michael Friedman serving the mid Atlantic region for well over 35 years. Now, let's take another look at your exclusive Wcbm Weather channel forecast with moisture from Zeta making its way out of the Gulf of Mexico and a cold front headed our way. We've got some rain and cooler weather later in the week. Right now we're just stuck with a lot of clouds. We have a slight chance of a shower today. Very few of us will get wet, though 65 high Tomorrow. A little bit of sunshine. 64 Wednesday still dry 64. Then the rain shows up Thursday. I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the Weather Channel. Her talk radio 6 80 WCBS, currently at Fort McHenry in Baltimore. It's 55 degrees in Oden tonight, Fort Meade, 54 53.

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