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You should have been doing anyways so you know for us. We're were providing thought leadership in the form of a podcast and rental or industry reports Through through linked in organic. And you know we're we're kind of go. The tactics that are involved in. All of those initiatives are are khun. Very you know one thing you know my ceo. And i gotta give him credit for is. He's willing to go the long play so again. Get the right company with the right leadership. Team the right ceo because they see in the long play and that's content In the meantime we are going running our demand. Gen were going account base. Because that's the play for us in our industry. But i don't think there's a i don't really think there's a silver bullet i think you you need to have that air cover and you need to run demand and you need to do a combination of both the end of the day. It's usually about figuring out what works best and that's just experimentation so it's more about the process you're going through and are you improving than it is. What is that silver bullet. Yeah wish there was a a better answer. I wish there wasn't more definitive answer. And it's a very tough question to be asking these days because it's a new marketing landscape and we're all trying to adapt and we're all trying to figure out ways that we can differentiate ourselves and really get those conversations going mitch. Thanks for coming in marketing spark today. If people are looking to find you online where do they find you. A on linked into a podcast website. Let us know The information about Where you where you can people can learn more about what you do. I mean you can just google mitch. Fanning i think. I'm going to be the first of shows up Run a podcast called built a scale but Yeah linked in is always the best place to find me..

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