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Things very rewarding, and that's actually lead our species to thrive. In 1924 British explorer George Mallory attempted to become the first person to reach the summit of Mount Everest, unfortunately perished during his quest. Who were the first adventurers to successfully reach the summit of Mount Everts and live. This one is open it. You got a few Yodels before we give the answer The answer, Sir Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa tends ignore day in 1953. Even though we climbed the highest point on Earth, humans didn't stop. We wanted to go higher outer space is the ultimate challenge. Tougher than any other. We've taken off. Who was the first American astronaut to reach outer space. John Glenn be Gus Grissom. See Alan Shepard? The answer is C for cool guy Alan Shepard on May 5th 1961 Shepherd successfully rocketed into outer space, beautiful new and survived the landing. After Shepard. We kept going one launch at a time to 1009. NASA launched a super dope telescope in space. This bad boy was designed to find other planets in our galaxy that could support life like art. What's the name of this life seeking telescope? Hey, Kepler Space Telescope, The Hubble Space Telescope. See Spitzer Space Telescope. It's a tough one. I know. Awesome answer is a the Kepler Space Telescope. Kepler Space Telescope simply.

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