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Northgate mall will not be reopening operators say declining mall traffic and the effects of the pandemic on business are just too much to overcome going out of business sale at the actually store Northgate starts tomorrow temperatures are going to warm back up closer to normal by the end of the week your forecast is next September W. W. news time five thirty five Wednesday look for rain and some thunderstorms from the mid Atlantic north into southern New England even a little snow in some parts of central Pennsylvania and the higher terrain of West Virginia showers and rain Delaware south to the Carolina coast and a few showers for northern Florida as well most of the central U. S. free of rain on Wednesday the only exception is the mid to upper Mississippi River valley where little rain will fall Great Lakes states in the fifties and sixties for Wednesday rain showers for the north west with some snow for the Bitterroot showers for central and western Montana Wednesday some snow in north central Idaho you're sixty six in Billings Montana very warm day on Wednesday in the southeast many cities eighty five to ninety cities such as San Antonio Houston New Orleans in Jacksonville Florida out west again a large supply of sun for California partly to mostly sunny San Diego to Los Angeles that's your national weather forecast Mike Ellis NBC news radio the federal tax filing deadline is now in July many people use online tax software to file their taxes but if your personal taxes are a bit more complex a professional tax.

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