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Gossip Good Morning Good Morning Steve. How're you doing good to be back home glad to whatever you want you know it's open open mic DOC whatever is ready and of course you follow gusts through everybody's followed gusts forever from day one on at the races and got a couple of plays maybe for the weekend gus but some some early thoughts before pre entries as we look Toward Cup it's always talked before pre entries but breath just looking at the races exciting exciting racist to get excited about it I think cameras just said I think the sprint and the dirt mile probably the two right now but I mean we have three solid juvenile's with noon Dennis moment eight rings and and Max Bill which I think three of those are very quality horses and just looking to see how these fields shape up but I mean I'll see you know some great opportunities in those fourteen racist for sure what we haven't obviously we haven't had a chance to talk anything on a consistent basis but what do you like to do when it comes to terms of a ticket structures and and focus in how many how many multi-race wagers which one's the utilize the most I'll tell you what you know you get these big fields I had the most success with exactly is in doubles to tell you the truth sometimes simple the up keep it simple and You get I mean you get a lot of value and those plays with the you know arch fields in and actually pick a couple of wide open races I usually focus on that I do tickets with the you know the picked force and I like to find at least one single maybe to deepen the other one and maybe spread that's what I kind of look forward definitely a single though in the pick four pick five I definitely need one host but I think even the pick threes you know the pick threes are they paid handsomely in the last few years as well but I think people you know who spoke with the exact in the doubles I mean you can get some real value if you if you got a good opinion onto racist back to back you can get paid well and we were in fact last week with Jeff Siegel this came up and when I was asking Jeff about his preparations and when it comes to the a ticket building and and we'll remind everybody that as much time as we spend handicapping the gotta spend a hundred percent the maybe not maybe not practical to spend as much time building the tickets but there's gotta come a point Wednesday Thursday where you you've got a pretty good idea of of the horses you're going to key around take a break from I'm from the handicapping and put pen to paper and write down the your perspective wagers and budgeted out and and you know take a look at the you know once we get the announcement I think it's on the twenty third by the way runs day the twenty third will be the race order official order announcement the Breeders Cup has a tendency to the tinker with it based on on the way the field size shape up you know look at that structure highlight the spots where you've got your strongest opinion and then back up on either side of those strong opinions if you're a mother erased player and you know we keep suggesting you know if you if you typically pick four player okay fine you're going to play your series of fake force but this is where you take a step back to and play more pick threes and the doubles and I I I think it's advice that I try to drive home every single u a year that you you don't WanNa have some of your best ideas the horses that end up winning that you had a good feel for an and then you didn't cash because there's some upset in the third or fourth leg of a pick four and you you didn't leverage your good idea as strongly as you might have oh I totally agree with that you know like you said once the the race orders come in just pick your spots we have your strongest opinions and then you go from there I mean that's I mean horse players nightmare there were your your ten to one shot twelve the one shot comes in and then you're single maybe a three to one shot you know doesn't come in the last leg and you didn't have anything on on on your your strongest opinion the price that's that's tough pill does Walla sometimes no doubt gusts will obviously you know get a chance to direct people toward you and and the analysis at at Brisbane that and Talk Again Cup Week maybe you know pick out a a a spot that you know the to discuss what what he did complain of of late how much keeneland action you taking it definitely on the weekends for sure and dabbling a little bit during the week I mean some great racing the weather's been fantastic and big fields they're coming to an end here this weekend but got a couple of plays today actually Keelan let me here let me let me see got hold on I got the where's where's my keeneland Friday Thursday AK with Saturday I keep the Friday about what's going on down believable there's so much there's so many things here did you play Gulfstream yesterday by the way did you play the pick five thing a little bit I did I did and got knocked out pretty early believe it or not you would not price horse which is Kinda it'll happen yeah oh yeah it was over quick so it's pretty full paid well for me though for the for the amount of low prices that were that were at three was a signal and the third leg so I know it's funny that that was the that was the horse that gave the opportunity to to to tip toe to turn it into a pick four but yet I do get the sense a lot of people got tripped up either on the in the first leg or the last leg where the two spots we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get the one side of the other well let's talk about Qinglin go ahead what are you got today seven just my best friend today force MS coming out of the Woodbine Mile Bill Seventy eight to one mile with a chaining hill started the outside somehow he he maneuver beautifully coming into the turn but down the stretch is totally got shut off had nowhere to go I thought he had nice I made a move just didn't have enough to go this horse has been running good all year up at Woodbine five draws the five here which is which is ideal nine to two is very fair price is a loaded racist could be a stakes race disallowance this allowance race but I like plot I think he's going to get a good trip there's enough speed in front where he's going to be right in stock and right behind I mean he's faced some nice horses I think this is the time to to get in this at somewhere of now ninety two would it be beautiful if we can get that and I think we will because you know the outside you have a few horses that are going to take some money especially Colin Road for for Michael Maker Jose Ortiz that was gonNA take somebody coming out of ah graded great three but ms I think is the wholesome and a key on all over in in starting reporter and race seven and Connor Murphy for whatever reason Connor Murphy does not does not draw money and wins I mean he wins plenty does a good job interesting to see Mark Glatt come to keeneland souter shows up here yet pick source interesting ski Churchill last time kind of finished pretty decent but it's a nice horse was nice races earlier in the year so and you got Roselle Rosario on board into feature the feature very nice race today again the the greatest Devali view fulfilled I think by horses winter sunset four eight to one on the morning line think might get a couple of clicks down I mean she's versatile I don't know if she wants to go nine furlongs I think she kinda flattens out at nine furlongs the mile amount of sixteenth which is I think this is her her best distance coming off a win at Indiana ground at any grant she's got a nice post and she's just a nice trip there there's some speed lined up to the inside I think she can get I run and I mean the twelve is going to be flying late this lady the prince a lot for Baltistan she's eight to one I think she comes down from that I can see here making a big move middle of course coming down the lane but winterson that's it for me eight to one would be great I think she gets I run on on on the closers and should sit a nice trip there again for channing hill it's now and Bhartiya earlier to Mardi landed on winter sunset yeah I'm not sure what the price I think she might down from Chad you've got to chat horses that are Ya Chad takes money like you you saw yesterday focus group was was really over bet yeah I like him but it's too crazy I'll tell you what I have a bomb in the second race so a bomber I'm GonNa take just fly the one horse abstinent for Ian Wilkes make third start first time on on the turf going to turns Bravo Bravo couple of wins from six starts the meat this horse broke the last couple of times I starts his career broke out think the inside post and Bravo might be able to as well she's fifteen to one in the morning line you might get fifteen twenty to one hundred Meta take a flyer on her and also gotTa pick for tonight at down coming

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