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Mic away and he said this to the crowd just let me say i had the pleasure of meeting him and look this is a swinging cat give him a big round of applause ladies and gentlemen he's a swinging cat now this may not seem like much of an endorsement but when you understand the james was a highly respected artist it rang true with the boss donations you see james new racism he knew severe poverty he knew anger any knew what it was like to be punished by a system that was set against african americans but more than this james knew what was that steak right here right now so when james said the mayor was a good man it allowed the audience to feel comforted that they had elected someone who would continue the fight dr king gave his life for the air in the gardens well it immediately grew less tent and james now feeling he could be the artists the crowd paid for we broke out into his hit that's life the crowd immediately respond as he swirled them all into this dancing screaming mass of positive energy and has the master did his work he led them through a range of emotions he brought them passion in what i believe to be the best performance of his song bewildered i'd ever seen any lead them through that to an apt version of please please please but just as he had the crowd right in his hands the energy shifted and it went out of control suddenly a group of teenagers jumped up on the stage and one by one they began to surround in crowd the singer sensing that at any second is concert could turn violent with the police massing on all sides of the stage ready to act james brown took control he stopped the band the lights came up james turned to the police and he said i'm all right i'm all right i just wanna shake their hands and he took turns shaking every one of their hands then as the crowd swirled around the stage he implored the crowd with some choice words he said over the mike don't make us look bad let me finish the show you're not being fair to yourself or to me or your race now ask the police to step back because i thought we could get some respect for my own people it don't make no sense a weed together or are we.

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