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Your horror army that everyone knows everybody. Yeah, great. So remind our our listeners what Eastern Michigan distributors can do for them on a day to day basis, please. Um I mean, if you have any mainly, we sell roofing, but we sell roofing siding, Lumber gutters, so If you're having trouble with your roof, you can give us a call, and we can get you in touch with somebody that can come out and take a look at it. An expert that can give you the best advice whether Want to hire them or come in and do it yourself. You can come in and anybody can come in and Place an order and we can give them Just advice we can And if someone comes someone's doing that rough where they got, uh, you know, we we warned against us, but they got a friend who's doing the rough. You guys can do rooftop deliveries where you can just drop all the singles right on top of their rough, correct. Yeah, Yeah, We have multiple trucks that I can do that And usually it's Usually next day delivery is usually available, so we've got a pretty quick turnaround. How about flat roof coatings? Those types of things because there's a lot of businesses out there that need you guys. Yeah. Yeah, We do a lot of commercial as well. And whether it be the PDM rubber flat roofs. The modified Georgetown's or coatings. We carry it on both occasions. 809 to 1 to 190. If somebody has a question, they want to know if you carry a certain material. They can just give you a call and you'll let them know. Do you guys? Um, you do also a lot of gutters. A lot of gutter downspout lot of industrial stuff like that as well. Yeah, we saw commercial and residential gutter systems and downspouts. Yeah. It's funny a product that can and I recommend to a lot of homeowners, chimney covers and screen. Oh, goodness. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, we go through them pretty quickly. Uh, do you know all different sizes? So the question we're asking everybody like like Eastern Michigan distributors. Are you able to get materials today? It's not easy. You can tell you that, um and most of because most of the customers are kind of They know what's going on. So they don't get all mad at your anything for not having something in stock. But Um, we're doing the best we can with our shingle. Suppliers and trucks are slowly trickling in. But It's never been this way before. Um, you know, before somebody would come in and ask for a certain Color or something. You never had to think twice about it. He just like you always knew you had it in stock. But now it's uh Always a crapshoot. You never know. Gotta check Adam, if uneducated, uh, never done her roof before homeowner walks in. Can you take care of them? Absolutely. Yeah. Good ideal with it. Am and day out, try to walk them through the steps and Get them to where they need to be. And Adam has some ideas, a lot of houses in Southeast Michigan and a lot of businesses. They have the flat roofs, but they may not be able to afford to put a whole new rough odd. Can you kind of point him in the right directions and what kind of coatings or systems you have that can temporarily patched that stuff up. Yeah, there's multiple different codings that we have all different price levels, depending on what they Are able to afford and the more expensive you go, the better it's going to be, but yeah, we can. We can help them through that as well. Well, everyone needs to check out eastern Michigan distributors dot com Talked to, um Adam If you need it, they have it. Thank you so much for coming on with us today, Adam, we greatly appreciate and we'll continue singing the praises of Eastern Michigan distributors. Thanks, Adam. We appreciate you guys. Thanks a lot. Guys have a good father's day weekend catching up to you to God bless. Speaking of fathers. We got a couple new fathers who owned this company. They do great work once again, Paul W. Smith recommends and we're talking about motor city floors and coatings..

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