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And there's that much belief in him attention that he would end up getting a problem if you if you if you want an idea of how good that he might be Vanderbilt when he was, there was projected, maybe to be an NCAA tournament team. They literally didn't win a game in conference this year. Yeah. Once he got hurt. They didn't want a game in conference. It's just it just speaks to, though, like, how many unknowns, there are, when you do, just the drafting lotteries, a big place promise at eight oh, she says good enough long differently. But just the idea that you even make that type of promise to somebody that again show you a lot in five games, but it was five games. Any at an injury? I mean, does that does that speak to his talent does that speak to what we were talking about? With read four grade from CBS sports about how it being three player draft. Right. So, you know, at that point, nobody seems like consensus guy a guy that, you know, you're gonna take if he's there, then, you know. Right. Or good enough or the idea that you're just you're going to be rolling, the dice, anyway, because no nobody beyond the top three feels like a sure thing anyway. So you start just looking for the most upside possible, like is that the case with somebody like areas garland or a lot of these players? So I'll still a lot to catch up on in terms of how this is going to impact the Lakers going for what they can do with these picks in these trades. Larry going to join us at one thirty two. And can you trade for Bradley Beal and still sign Kemba, Walker, or you know, who had quite Leonard whoever might be the math gets real complicated? One of the things that the only downside the Lakers moving up in this draft is they lose, I think it's three and a half million dollars of cap space, which is the difference. In salary between the eleven and the four, we put up a poll Andy at Cambrai others. What is the most you would now give up for Anthony Davis now the Lakers have moved up from eleven to four. Twenty five percent of you are absolutely delusional. That's the first choice in this poll, the pick and one member of the young core. That's it. That's the most you're willing to give up twenty five percent of you. That's all that ain't getting it. That is not going to get it done know fifty four percent, picking two young core, that might do it, but probably not it's still going to take, I think coup some some combination of the pick. Plus, at least two, if not three of Kouzmin Ingram and Lonzo, and then heart and then probably future picks and all that stuff. And the twelve percent of you say, all of the things are still probably on the right track. Because the Lakers aren't the only team with a trade package, New York and still offer. The number three we've, this is a three person draft. That's probably Barrett from Duke, plus more picks, 'cause they got the picks in the porzingas deal plus a guy like Kevin Knox needle kina. Anybody Mitchell Robinson anything else that they want they can throw in there, especially if they think this'll be the thing that seals the deal. Forget. Both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to New York. Also, to the pelicans, just if they're gonna end up making this deal and moving ethnic Davis, which they don't wanna do all things being equal. They want to create a foundation with Davidson, Zion Williamson. They wanna make sure that they're getting as much stuff as possible to not just put around Zion, but, you know, reduce the trial and error, because they're gonna be some guys that work better than others. I mean it's like sort of like a singular version of the process, where in Philadelphia they were going through all these different draft picks and just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks when you're trying to build around Zion with largely unproven players you want, as many of those unproven players as just to play the all that stuff. So I mean, the Lakers can get a little bit more. You know, a strategic a little bit draw. Lynn there number better place..

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