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Champion Reggie jumps into the ring. Hey. Welcome to SmackDown again. Again, he got murdered by Lesnar last week. I'm gonna come back. Yeah, sure. After defend my title 24 7, I'm gonna show up to the show I don't have to be on. Yep. Well, he's like, well everyone's looking for me on raw. Yeah. Not SmackDown. And Sony DeVille, you have that wild card and you use it with Reggie? Yeah. You know? Right. Future considerations. So fucking dumb. Yeah. The jobbers chasing after Reggie are drew Gulak. The Viking raiders. Wow. A tag team. Correct. And then did you see the other tag team? The creed brothers from NXT. What? Yeah. Like the guys in diamonds. The guys in diamond mine, why? Yeah. If you blink, you missed it 'cause you only saw them for a second. But I was like, I went back. I was like, is that the creep brothers? They've been dumped? They're called up. What the fuck? Yeah. What? Wow. Wow, wow, wow. That's so bad. It really is. Like, that's who you, well. Yeah. I don't know. Two times more. Two tag teams. Luckily for Reggie, there was a trampoline for him by the ring. How convenient? And he gets away, does his stupid flip? Back to this actual match, nakamura hits moss with a candy cane kendo stick. You'll generous with the actual net. That's true. And then boog shoves mosses head into the bucket of apples and moss comes out. Drowning him, right? Well I wish. But he comes out with an apple in his mouth. Now, if you've ever watched a trick or street fight, then you see if you've seen one, you've seen them all. It's the same things every single year. Correct. Oh, bob fra apples. Oh, there's an apple in there. Well, why did you bite down on the Apple idiot? Yeah. It's all the same shit. Like when they gain tenders. It's like when they do miracle on street fight. Yeah. Or whatever. Right. You know? Then later, Corbin picks up a bowl of candy. Yeah, that'll do some damage. Yeah. Oh, God, a twizzler in my eye. Yeah. And then nakamura kicked Corbin and Corbin through the bowl of candy to the crowd. So there you go. So send the crowd home happy with candy, right? Right. Boogs picks up Corbin and nakamura jumps off the second rope to hit Corbin with a knee. That did not look good. That was not a good combo now. Then nakamura set up for the Kinshasa on Corbin, but moss put a pumpkin on his head. And of course he can't see MJF. You know, with the pumpkin on your head. Domini bullshit. Thank you. In the end, two men in Halloween costumes hit boogs with kendo sticks. And then moss hits the neckbreaker for the win. After the match, it's revealed. Yeah. To be umberto, Korea and angel Garza. Wow. What's the fuck? Stable? No. They just hate nakamura and boobs for some reason. Oh. Nakamura and boobs aren't the tag champs. Nope. Nakamura is the Intercontinental Champion. Uh huh. Are they going after the icy title? Both of them? The intercontinental tag titles. Right? They're going after boogs guitar? That's it. When they're trying to do. What would you say, you do here? That's what we need. Right. Garza and carrillo. That made no fucking sense whatsoever. You're a tag team. We're a tag team. Let's go after this in nakamura boobs. Can you even a tag team? 'cause we know we have no shot with the titles. Right. Yeah. The icy champ. I know. And he has no one to feud with. He's the Intercontinental Champion. And he's not defending that title. Yeah. Good God. Good God. All right, next up, we speaking a good guide. You thought that match was bad. We have Naomi versus Shayna Baszler. Backstage before the match, Megan, my eyes are going in two different directions, morant. Or no, if you've seen South Park, Jerry Jones. Myers aren't too far apart. Megan ran asked Sony DeVille if she has any bias towards Naomi. Sony says no, but then Sami Zayn walks up and complains about Sony not booking him on the show this week. Yeah. And then they just fade out. Like in the middle of Sammy talking. Right. What's going on here? So if you want to actually for some reason continue this feud, she should have been like, oh my God, I'm so sorry. Let me get you a match right now. Right. And then they own he's like, what the fuck? Right. You know, so Naomi and Shayna come out for their match, but there's no ref. So Sonia comes out and says, oh, that what she say he's suing or Brock Lesnar beat him up? Something like that to make some excuse and she makes herself the referee. Mid match Naomi went for a springboard move, but slipped and fell face first on the mat. Yeah. Wow. Hashtag give Naomi a chance. Remember that? Remember all those hashtags? Yeah. There's a chance. Right after that, Naomi kicks Shayna and goes for the pin, but Sony doesn't count. Like a kick. That apparently knocks Sony out. Then Shayna eventually counters with a pin and Sonia does a quick count to award the wind to Shayna. Didn't see that coming. After the match Naomi confronts Sonia, but Shayna grabs her from behind and puts her to sleep. Yeah. Naomi's already been beaten up by Sony DeVille. And she doesn't do anything back, she just yells at her. Like, just beat her up. Attacker at least. I mean, obviously, this is something. This is leading to the Naomi Sonia match that, you know, no one on earth wants to see. Yeah, right. God. Like make us interested. Yeah. The only way to do that is to put her in the bloodline. Like, yeah, for sure. I mean, what else can you do? Yeah. Next up, we have the main event the new day versus The Usos. Woods tags himself in without Jimmy noticing, Jimmy, super kicks Kofi goes for the pin, but Woods is the legal man and Woods gets in the ring and beats him with a roll up. Yep. Like a very elaborate force roll up. Yeah. He was like, really, it wasn't like a surprise roll up. So right. So this is what has to happen. The Usos can't lose the tag titles because they're with Roman. You can't weaken that stable. They have to remain the check chance. Correct. Yes, to do. So obviously, Kofi and Woods are going to get a title shot at some point. After they beat him three more times, of course, of course. Four championship contenders matches. Those are the new rules. Yeah. So eventually they'll get their title shot. The lose, Kofi will lose. Probably screw up. And then that's another, and then, you know, Woods will blame Kofi and turn on them, right? Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed? Yeah. Like that's what has to happen, right? Yeah. If it doesn't, it's a huge disappointment. Very much so. Very much so. Oh man. We can have like another good thing on SmackDown. If we have heels could heal Woods. We could a Woods Kofi feud? I have no faith in it. But we could. I mean, I had no faith in them given Woods the, you know, making them king, right. Because usually they just like to, you know, if this was a couple of years ago they would have put Woods in this tournament, make everyone think he's gonna win and then just, you know, give a middle finger. Yeah. Into the camera. Fuck you. That's, you know. But lately, they've been, you know, at least.

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