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Our next question is in an email from laney whites who writes mr trump has just added joseph degen to his team jon dowd is considering leaving as his client will not follow instructions and tie cobb is getting sheri he's not on the firing line who were trump's lawyers and what does it tell us well that's a great question and obviously when highstakes things going on people look to the lawyers visit lawyers are the ones who are the public face of the defense of their client in this case the president of the united states i'll tell you quite frankly a lot of them based on my experience and personally with some of them there are a lot of bark and a lot less bite donald trump seems to be attracted to people and attract lawyers who are all about punching back fighting in the press yelling about the people who are on witch hunts against him rather than focused on people who are excellent rigorous courtroom lawyers who meet with great success in actual cases in real life and as i said last week there are people like emmett flood who's incredibly well respected an excellent lawyer always who looks like he's balking coming on board the trump team and just this week it was reported at another very very prominent famous incompetent lawyer who once served as solicitor general of the united states ted olson has also begged off so the trump team is not i think is highcalibre as you would expect the president to have in the likelihood of getting to be higher caliber given these reports of people begging off is unlikely as well and just let me make another point it's a very peculiar thing for those of us who practicing law for a long time what's going on between trump and his lawyers on the one hand on the one hand you have lawyers claiming that they're acting on behalf of the president without talking to him and on the other hand you have donald trump apparently looking like he's not listening to his lawyers you have people who are the paid representatives of a special client president united states.

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