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To come and we roddick we were a bit for him in the show and then they called up later in the day and said groucho doesn't feel at the talking kenny do a silent walk on a little cam we rewrote the bit for silent and then when he got there he was just too sick he was just to all and um it was a so they had they had vacated a dressing room right off the set for him it was somebody else's dressing when they move them so he'd have the the star dressing room with the shortest commute and he came in and we went in and met him and he he didn't know where he was he didn't who he was meeting uh we walked him out of the sat um the comedian during the warmup that night was a friend of mine mike preman jer was during the warmup that night and nobody had told him groucho was coming and they sent every all the cast since they hadn't been seen by the audience yet snuck around the back to get to the sat and they had groucho walk out in front of the audience and mike premise you're standing there and his his old guy shuffling out wearing a beret and nobody recognized in a first while and suddenly mike realized who a wasn't he says wage on this groucho marx and the ottis just exploded cheering him and groucho didn't even hear it he just finally found his way through the curtain went to the sat they took his picture with the cast and afterwards the photographer told me they were going to destroy the photos but miraculously they turned up on the internet recently yeah hemoglobin at one on your blah yeah and.

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