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I saw last year. And we try to explain you've got the Champions League. There is a tweak with the style of play. But it is it's tough when you rent Mercedes-Benz was you saw your in the in the building people just kind of sitting on their hands. So you're telling me be patient. We are going to get back to what we need to do is a combination of injuries and just the temperament of the players whose Brad Kuzan say, look, we've got to be better ourselves. Absolutely. I think you know, part of it is there's a little bit of a mentality. I think that's where the fans could really help us because you know, they've been incredible and cheer on the team on lifting. And when we do the Icelandic clap, you can almost feel sort of energy going into the stadium that lifts to the players. And that's why they're so important. So that's what we have in our favor, which is great. We've got this unbelievable passionate fanbase it can really lift up lies. But look it's modern phenomenon where you look back and think everything was rosy last two years. We've sat on this show talking about games against DC night where they part the bus. We just couldn't find ways to school these things happen. When teams come and sit back like Cincinnati did that not no excuse for the performance. But it is a reality teams are gonna do they? So we have to find ways. I do want to ask you about the travel. It's dare Neal's guys. Because again, I'm not going to make excuses were talented enough. You said it our coaching staff is brilliant enough to put things together that we can tactically win these matches. But the schedule has played a role, and I'm not going to deny that. And I want you to talk a little bit about this because the travel involved with playing in Kaka calf. And then getting our MLS season started we've been all over the place. And I just I don't know if guys are tired, Mike, and I have say this in some instances, we believed especially that maybe in the second half guys have looked tired. And I don't know if that's fair unfair. How do you feel now? It is fat is what we've got to do as a league. I mean, if we want to actually be competitive, we're gonna measure ourselves by how we doing conger CAF Champions League, we have to change the the time that we have to prepare because every preseason around the world and every other league you'd have six weeks usually have training before the first game. We have a CVA at the moment we have four and a half weeks before our first game. He's just not long enough. Anyway. You add on top of that. Then you have actually played any league games are going straight into the Champions League. Which is a tough tournament with traveled. Whether it's Costa Rica, Mexico. You know, you could be in, Panama, etc. So they have to try and change that to give the teams the best chance. Otherwise, what you're actually saying is, okay, we'll try and do it with a wing, but we just not really set teams up for success or what we might have to do in future years. We're fortunate after qualifies to say, actually, we go to approach this differently. We cannot actually put our eggs into both baskets. We're going to have to pick one over the other Toronto Toronto gets all the way a game away. Unfortunately, the derailment MLS, exactly. I might actually did do that classic. We'll focus on the wall didn't quite pay off. And then he undermine them in the analyst. So it is a difficult situation for all teams. That's not an excuse. But it's something where I think we've certainly learned from this year and in the future, we're going to be much better equipped. We said like you DC we talked about crawling just bad luck in years past the old RFK stadium. And all that. Then of course, you said that defensive posture. I have to also understand their better this year. They might not have the depth that we have. But they built off last year. Second after the playoffs. You had a great. I mean, they got a good drawer up in Janke stadium as well. As the second game. I mean, they're a good team. And that's the reality as well. As wearing a league where we don't have any divine right to be the champions. It was hard work. It was a lot of effort, and we have to work harder to do it next year. But other teams are trying to catch us. And you know, it's the toughest year as you all know in sports when title one time is defending it is the hardest thing. And there's a reason why it's very rarely happened in the past. But you know, we want to be a team that does not dare Neal's. Brought to you by errands, guys. Perfect for your budget and style with top name brands if we score four goals tomorrow. You will do what if we get through? I will. Yeah. I'll. If we scored four goals tomorrow flush their heels, you will do shave your head. The fountains in centennial Olympic power, right? There you go get fair enough. There you go heels does. Hey, I'm not counting our guys out. I just I can't. But I know there's some people who are like listen the way that we've played it doesn't feel good. Let's go down a Mercedes and see what happens tomorrow, Mike, and I'll be in the gold getting you guys ready and talking a lot of sports in free agency. And all that, Dan, thanks for stopping by quick shout out to the the fo the supporters Davis, I can retire now that I've actually been. Not. You didn't see the giants. Go holding pages on the book. Very cool Darren Neal's guys, president of Orlando United. However,.

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