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Of the Senate but but I I just I wonder where all this is going to go we've literally got part of an American city taken over by armed thugs which actually I don't think you could quite throw this is a comedy although Hollywood you know Hollywood did mash a comedy set during the Korean War in the middle of a medical unit which I can't even imagine the pitch meeting on that one Hey we've got a comedy is set in the middle of a really bloody mash unit in the middle of the Korean War I don't know who said yes it it turned out to be a very popular show but can you imagine the the kinds of of of things that you see because this crowd is already starting to run into trouble they've already had the African American council long established in Seattle come in and complain to them you are trying to steal our message for your own political purposes so they're having those kinds of disagreements and there are a lot of other things that they're they're more like darkly tragically comic then they are open haha comical you know I think late night comedians that they were really doing their job to find a lot of sort of dark bleak humor in what's going on right now I think one of the that I think the warlord the guy who's in charge of this that goes beyond if you've got some homophobic tweets that were just uncovered so imagine I need to get to cancel before he's able to reign supreme over his own altar well that and the fact that this whole crowd to you knows is left it's not a right wing crowd although the F. B. I. thought today would be a good day to put out a warning about white supremacists while lefties had occupied a big chunk of the city of Seattle but but you know the fact is that guys running around there was one incident already where a guy was accused of stealing somebody's cell phone at the end of the day it turned out nobody cellphone had been stolen at all but they literally lined up on this guy with a baseball bat didn't hit him with it but surrounded in with the crowd and I thought oh this is policing as defined by black lives matter and antifa when you get a suspect he doesn't have the right to be silent the right to a lawyer the right to appear in front of a judge you just throw your put a baseball bat in front of his face and say confessed to stealing the cell phone if that's their idea of the new policing model for America we already know what's going wrong yes Dirty Harry two point no the senatorial and that is something I like to the fact that he signed the bad guys so but yet we have the right mission statement going on it's crazy and I you know even mentioned I don't know what happened that day I think if anyone had a crystal ball and claims they know what's going to be the next to stage of this I don't believe in because no one knows what's going on to let potential honest porting in the media not sugar coating not saying all this is summer camp because this ain't summer camp at all although Christians little reference to summer camp summer of love is the way the mayor.

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