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Yeah with the with lived the twitches to facebook. St the the Today television program by sky and bt. They wanted so much coverage but sometimes they missed the in london Through to the game. Sometimes mr history while the football clubs all said the need to just check that out of the case in the quite surprised. You know that when we speak to defines you know. I i was younger. One of the. Don't bend the will never been told you know about about the fantastic time but This is why we would open Would be something that we could really connect with the fines again. You know so. A two years on that we'd bring we would open that it would then bring the younger ones danish while because obviously they would probably go with the dad's with the dads to come out in an listen to to the answer given to the question did i didn't talk to his afterwards you know to get graphs and abc. Because that's what it's all about. I'm sure lots of people go and they wanna get across from his days. Yep a ticket program something ivan all the place at the same time it would give them a great opportunity visit to get things autographs the duck baker Know from those days absolutely the reason autograph and on the versus aston villa tickets at from ninety ninety one. The second of of my advocates was embarrassing. Moineau at arsenal. You almost after remortgage your house boy if you see can you remember tick you. Us and news autograph wasn't on the ticket. Because i know you had a lot of input. Didn't you into doing these book with the team. Cabin you the full word as well. So it's pretty much your as well as gyms this book. So you know. It was a collaboration with avenida. It's just getting the book. I was going to go from doing that code into. I've looked at ticket yet. See if i can remember it. Looks like looks like they show. Okay no i mean it looks toko. The claim to be fed actually could be could be..

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