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I want you to sit down with an investment professional has the heart of a teacher that can guide you. This is somebody that you can look at run some numbers have them. Explain to you kind of where you are versus where you can go, right? Where you want to be? And that's the direction I want you to take positive action leads to positive results. So you want to think of ways are an extra income to be able to attack the debt and get on. Baby step four or sooner or build up your final amount of your emergency fund. So we gotta think different right? So glanced back focus forward. And that's where you start to take steps. Again. Pollock think you you can do this. I've talked to people that are on baby step number one and their sixty two and sixty three. So you're a head of that. So you've got something to be grateful for now we need to take positive action back to another Email. I've got in from rich. He says he's pumped writ says Chris pumped I'm twenty seven and I'm on baby step seven. Okay. My home is paid for with cash. I've been reading as many financial successful principal books as possible. I try to get through ten a year of books, of course, love to hear what inspires you as well. Chris. I'm very curious about your new book, and what will make it distinct from other books on millionaires. Well, rich, let me tell you this number one that you are twenty-seven and on baby step number seven and VIP's for you out there. Maybe we don't talk enough about baby step number seven. But this is the one I mean, this is the one where we're building wealth and we're giving right? We're finding ways to be a blessing and to help other people that's fantastic. And rich proud of you twenty seven years old. But a you have accomplished some things that's great leaders readers people that read you get new information, and you go you push. You learn some things you're able to challenge the way that you think it's a rich. I love that. You're staying inspired. I'm also pumped up about the new book coming out everyday millionaire. How ordinary people built extraordinary wealth and how you can too. That's the title of the book, so rich, I won't encourage you as you asked me, you say, well, what motivates me I'll tell you what motivates me knowing that people out there meet to hear something that I have the ability to tell them, I can share something that I know for a fact like, I'm not speculating, I'm not hoping I'm not wishing this is stuff that I know. And I know people are in that mode. They're stuck they feel like nobody cares. They don't know what direction to turn as rich for me to be able to be that voice that coach to encourage and inspire people. That's what keeps me motivated that. I know when I traveled to a city, go speak got a few trips coming up that when I get there, and I'm talking about money business or leadership. Whatever that is that there's some people in the audience that need to hear something. And so I try to stay in tune to that to make sure that I'm doing that. And so, you know, it's a great opportunity to be able to do that. So that inspires me. What will make my new book? Everyday millionaires different than others that are out there. Well, here's the biggest thing we studied ten thousand millionaires. Right. Just the sheer research size of that is totally totally different than anything else. That's been done out there. So we got a great opportunity to not only get the stats on over ten thousand. But also their stories hear their stories is fantastic. So rich, thank you so much for writing in. And again, if you're out there if you're feeling panicked. If you're feeling pumped I want you to Email me ask it, Chris HOGAN, three sixty.

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