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Other districts across the state in calling off classes that day North Carolina lawmakers now taking aim at ridesharing safety, they're now working at a Bill that would require Uber lift drivers to display signed will make it easier for passengers to identify them. The passenger Protection Act similar to Bill recently passed in the South Carolina house in the wake of the killing of university of South Carolina students. Samantha Joseph's this news brought to you by QC Connectix, offering Ortho biologic treatments that contain live stem cells to provide long-term relief from joint pain QC, kinetics dot com. News talk seven ten ninety nine three WBZ with traffic from the WBZ traffic center. Here's Nike waylay. The rain is already starting to have an effect on the roadways. Big problem on Brookshire boulevard at Idaho drive near eighty five. He did a left lane blocked in both directions. Very heavy. Your best bet my beat a eighty five or seventy seven to get around this an exit working at SC one sixty and or road finna bender at Reese boulevard and Gilead. A stalled vehicle at Reims road at old states Bill and outbound Marlins down to one lane at Manchester lane. This is due to a structure fire. Definitely try to avoid that enjoy exciting college baseball Tuesday night as the North Carolina. Tar heels played the South Carolina Gamecocks at BBN T ballpark gray Caesar still available tickets start as low as eleven dollars at Charlotte knights dot com. I'm Mickey Whaley WBZ traffic WikiLeaks founder Julian. Masan gender arrested in London and US lawmakers hoping you'll be sent stateside for trial and prominent lawmakers suggest WikiLeaks co founder Julian Assange should be brought.

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