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He said he had a bit of a revelation trying to explain why people like Trump he just woke couldn't get why so many people like Trump and basically the Revelation he had was that Trump is Shameless, but he never pretends to be more money than anyone else. He doesn't show him other people for their or morals. So he's the opposite of Clinton's sort of basket of deplorables home. So he's not telling potential supporters that they are bad people. So that's an interesting comment. In fact, he treats everybody like that doesn't he he treats every month. Reaction, whether it's with a voter or the leader of a foreign country as a negotiation sort of you know, and he assumes that they play by the same rules as he plays and and that effectively if you can get away with it get away with it and there's nothing wrong with that. It's all about what you can get away with. Yes, and and he assumes everybody plays at the same time she does and and so you're right. He doesn't sort of draw moral, you know cast moral dispersions that other people because he assumes everybody is as corrupt as he is. So easy to imagine the poor working class in the Rust Belt who told that the deplorables yes and that they're racist and you know, the other terms like that by the Democrats is what they would perceive and then here's a guy who's basically never criticizing them along those lines. So, yeah, so that's off. Is it like it is is the and that was Pauline Hanson's drawcard. Yeah. Yes, and maybe it's a partial explanation why the greens have never really got passed around 10 per month because it's so moralizing about everything criticizing people people don't like being criticized down on pizza. So the Trump supporters are not feeling like they're criticized by Trump. It's an interesting observation. It is something to that so so I had always put it down to race the 4,000 and right that's red Nick religion Rust Belt, and now we'll add respect because these people feel disrespected by.

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