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Low I, mean. Zero business being president and yet I feel one hundred percent confident. Just make it better by not being who is now. Traction. s feel like even if someone were elected president elected president and just decided just check out just immediately going vacation it would be better than what we have rattlers down my thirteen year old son who has no brain rate now would be better than who is there like I nominate my thirteen year old supporting. Trying to get a girlfriend son. WHO's theory? Just go come into. Out The gay with the Sledgehammer Okay Krista. Case. Real quick along those lines. I don't know if you guys ever if you guys listen to revisionist history at all mouth. PODCAST. The. He had an episode where he taught in Digest speaking to your point than that. Like we know maybe we should just maybe we should just try something totally new here. They, he did an interview with this like this like our school that for a student body elections instead of having people campaign and do that whole song and dance all the students were entered into a lottery, and basically if they're number gets drawn, they have to be in the position of student government that their number picked and their results were one. It was more representative of the students you know but they also found that when people in who aren't politicians, they don't think like politicians and they'd just they'd like normal human beings and it was a huge game. So Chris I think. You're right. I think we need like like every every person in the country's you know if their name gets pulled aside I'm president next year and it's just like one ear. We'll give you a shot. We'll see what happens. I find that could be a better system but I'll okay I I'm being snarky. But if I were in that position, I do think what would improve things in the times we're in right now would probably be number one maybe a federal response to the pandemic like that might be held. A. Number two maybe a president who engages in the current racial recognizing and denounces you know I don't know people showing up to protests. With guns trying to protect you know there's there's lots. There's. Where where on the list is getting in Air Force One going right to area area thirty one and putting on like pro area fifty one and say, let's talk show them American people.

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