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Well, you know, I guess I am still hit what I'm aiming at started Fletch in my own EROs, and you know, doing stuff like that not that it saves any money, but you know, shit when you gotta go to corpus to get to EROs reflects you may as well by the stuff and do it yourself hard that. Now, it ain't it ain't hard at all. But you know, it's going to be one of those hobbies where I'll be hell out of the gate coin old horse race in term there. And then it'll it'll taper off because you buy all this shit set it on the table Fletch couple EROs. Now, what you know what I mean, you've you box it back up and put it away until you need it again. God damnit teddy. I'm not getting also mental on you. But shit here on a few friends. I got fucking putting pressure on your do. You do go joint on a mechanic. Shop a horse trying to silly. Or archery center. Around. Will will wears the target in point at my some of there weren't a bullseye suit. Areas. Fleecy if you can edit. Pin it on a Hebe fucking horse drag it around now did we get into the question? You know business. We really hit hit the shits, you know. Yeah. And I'd say our best our best bet would be mechanic. And then we'll go into the archery business and lastly shit. We'll give pony rides to the kids or whatever you imagine. That setup. Bring your four year old over to Stephen Ted's, a ah for a fifteen minute got Metron. Hang on dumb idea. Man what use Siri Ramona trademark Trotta Rama. Okay. I'll remind you. His mother Fugger. A Siri remind me to come up with a name for mechanic service. Okay. I'll remind you did I got my series. With them. British accent. Okay. I'll remind you. Sure. Good night. Good nineteen to. So we've got that covered. So about England my Siri. My my Siri has a British accent. Come on. God if I get that motherfucker to speak cockney, I'd be the happiest one dig that man. Dude. We had a shit. Is that a ways that or whatever's like Mona European soccer player, whatever he's famous, but it's going to it's kind of a funny funny to me as humor. So I mean, obviously, it's a great voice because he's doing the the voice overs for the command, and he's ten AM, and, you know, about whatever many miles, and they give you the whole gimmick. And I was thinking like man, how come no one ever contacted me to be the voices something I love to be the summit leg. Hey, motherfucker in two miles, you hang a left because if you keep going straight you end up in the wrong place you sorry. Cock sucker. I want to do some voice over for some ways of how why am I asking you need to hang on for second Siri remind meat. Got when I asked you remind me to ask my agents about doing voiceover for the ways at will you please remind me. Okay. I'll remind you. That was easy. Yeah. Damn it. Did I think I think we got a lot of options before we get anywhere near horse as far as money making venture. Sarah. Would you please remind me that I need never mind. Okay. I'll remind you do too. What you got planned into future? Teddy you go up to the ata show coming up. Yeah. Yeah. That's up lable from how do you say that Louisville? Yes. Thought. This. If you seri-, HUD. What is correct pronounciation for Louisville or Lewisville? Okay. I found this on the web for how do I what is the correct pronunciation for Louisville or Louisville lables? She didn't say Louis Bill. Jason Lewis Lewisville is that's out of Dallas Fort Worth Texas, anyway, Louisville, Kentucky sandalwood. Okay. Well, say Louisville could get a mouthful of marbles. But that's just what comes out all day. You drinking?.

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