Verner Herzog, Martin Scorsese And Boone discussed on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum


Movies at Moma that you know like Martin Scorsese had curated a series and that that was really enjoyable but sing contemporary films. That's really really rare for me these days so are you a Docu documentaries some yeah there's some really doc which I'll just say boone wells documentary land without bread Just because I love boone well well Herzog's as some great doctor I was just GonNa say Ghana is fantastic raise Leeman grizzly man was great in fact I premiered my film what is it in Sundance the same year that verner Herzog was play premiering a grizzly man and I I had actually shown a rough cut of of what is it to to Verner so and then he came I went and saw grizzly man he came and saw the premiere of What is it really is great foot is it yes movies oh great that's good that's good I really sincerely think you're filmmaker Hamels we could do something

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