Kurdish Americans worried about family


Kurdish Americans in western Washington say they feel betrayed and they're worried about their families after president trump has decided to pull out of northern Syria come was Patrick Quinn has their reaction I had a really interesting conversation with a woman named a bunch want me she lives in maple valley bush's from Kurdistan in fact her six siblings and parents they are still there right now she told me everyone is okay in crisis mode she says she's only able to talk with them when they have reliable internet and that's been a couple days and obviously seeing some of the latest images that has not helped her costs by any means Swami who's been in the U. S. seven years this month she says her family takes it hour by hour she tells me she gets nervous every time her phone rings fearing for the worst she was among the couple hundred who rallied in Seattle this weekend and she said above all else she feels angry she questions why president trump would call for troops to be removed after her country supported the US in the war against ISIS sisterly breaks or hard that he didn't really show any kind of faithfulness on support tool to those who are the the the the true ally of America and it's not only now throughout history and says she fears to threats to our family and the Kurds one that ISIS will be re organized into is the Kurdish forces she called what Turkey is unleashing in Syria right now genocide

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