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27 o'clock We're holding steady at 65 degrees. That's what the temperature was when we kick things off, but it's gonna tumble back into the fifties by the afternoon with periods of rain throughout the day. Same deal tomorrow mostly cloudy periods of rain until the late afternoon hours. Tomorrow's high only 55 degrees and where it's 65 right now. Evidence in the case against the officer charged in the Briana Taylor rate won't be sealed. Apparently, the criminal case against the only officer charged in connection to the deadly drug raid on Briana Taylor's home won't be sealed Former Detective Brett Hand Kristen's attorney and attorney general there, Daniel Cameron's office argued against releasing the findings, saying that it would prevent an impartial jury from being seated. Yesterday, A judge denied the motion with the evidence becoming public record and 30 days now. In her ruling, the judge noted that much of the evidence is already public. Some redactions will, however, be allowed. Hanka Sins is facing wanton endangerment charges accused of firing blindly into a neighboring apartment during that march 13th raid. After telling bite dance that it had to sell off Tic tac. The Trump administration is now dragging its feet okaying. The deal approved by President Trump Today is the deadline for the sale to be made. Yet it's been under a national security review by a Treasury Department sub agency. And there's no end in sight. Apparently because of that bite dance, filed a court case. Legal challenge is a protection to ensure these discussions could take place. So basically Tic Tac is now looking to the U. S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. That circuit to review Trump's order and the government's National security review. Control of the Senate big issue Republicans guaranteed now to keep at least 50 Senate seats in the upcoming Congress. Here's Fox Is Jared Helping with that story, The Associated Press has projected Republican incumbents Thom Tillis, a North Carolina and Dan Sullivan and Alaska winners in their Senate races. Tell us his opponent had already conceded the two wins for the GOP guarantee. Republicans will not have fewer than 50 seats in the next Congress. Democrats would need the win both Georgia Senate run offs in January to pull even And then rely on tie breaking votes from Vice president elect Kamila Harris. Democrats could pick up one Senate seat before the end of this year after Arizona certifies the special election Democrat Mark Kelly is projected to unseat Republican incumbent Martha McSally. Jared Halpern, Fox News We're seeing some precipitation here in the ocean state the next 48 hours they getting whacked in Florida. Tropical Storm ADA drenching the west coast of Florida yesterday as it moved over the Gulf of Mexico, with forecasters predicting it's going to make landfall sometime today north of Tampa Bay and then travel North east across the state. No immediate reports of injuries, serious damage or flooding in the Tampa area thus far as a team moved past it Wednesday. The storm has been slowly churning in the Gulf of Mexico since crossing over South Florida on Sunday. That came after it first barreled into Nicaragua and boy did it pack a punch there with a Category four cattle category four hurricane that happened November 3rd. It killed at least 120 people in Central America. And Mexico, and then it moved into the Caribbean and then reformed and headed for the South Florida coast. So this thing will give up, but it's now a tropical storm in measurement. Facebook notified political strategist yesterday it's extending its ban on political ads for another month. Explaining Given the ongoing conversation about the U. S presidential election. We're continuing to temporarily paws all social issues electoral or political ads in the United States, while multiple sources have projected a presidential winner. We meaning Facebook still believe it's important to help prevent confusion or abuse on our platform. So after Election Day, both Facebook and Google, they banned all political ads in an effort to limit the spread of election election disinformation misinformation. And the extended ban overturns digital ad plans for the two Georgia's Senate runoff race is being held on January the fifth that will decide control of the U. S. Senate. So Facebook busts a move and extends the political ads Ban. I know the Biden administration, the incoming president elect. He's all over Facebook about what was going down during the presidential election and also the post election results. It's not 20 minutes.

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