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The senate but the fact the madonna. Mcdonald's came out fighting He's been he's great. he's a great talent. And i think consistencies the thing that will poets back. Think today i think in that final he kinda showed it. And i think he was able to kind of all of the day's lost points Behind him yeah. He's had get himself over the line but it wasn't wasn't easy for him to do and i think mentally that was so impressive about the cinema performance. Yeah when you say many challenges and then the you know getting the yugoslav recreate. Those jobs isn't just like clean slate. Let's let's focus on each point. And i mean we saw that as well in the daniel collins win which will get onto a bit later as well but yet in a very exciting time for him going into kind of the most is level events and then the like. What can he do for the rest of this year. So you can swing. Because he's made the perfect star and osa mckenzie mcdonald. Probably not someone you wanna come up against in in the coming up tournaments. Because he's he's getting you know he's been improving this this season i think he got to the fourth round of the so now into his first final. Hopefully he can stay injury-free and build on that. I swear we just associate because he done with the australian open. You had that had that batch. She gets A few a few years ago but yeah the story the story for him. He feels like he's like i think twenty five twenty six now injuries. Hopefully injuries are behind him. And he's just been. I think a slowing calm steady improve the disease. Then you look him on coal and i think he doesn't look the most imposing figure but he sort of reminds me a little bit of of how well kind of cam nor is doing. The season in terms of that game is a bachelor and he just makes the most. I think of his is talent. I certainly i think kind of showed that this week. Particularly with some of the victories he kind of pulled up because he beat kei nishikori in really tyke three-set battle in the semifinals out dennis cutler is while elliott ivanka and he took out a nick. Carry us in in the first round in straight-sets who is the defending champion. So you know we've had some very very good wins this week and generally speaking for american tennis at the maidment. It's been it's been on. The men's side is been really really impressive stuff there over the last couple of weeks. You must have been really annoyed. They beaten at tighter. You're looking to carry on and an wolpe a i was like. I don't know that would be for carrier. Say defending champion particularly. I think the fact that that were full full full crowd in In washington so i thought he would absolutely love the atmosphere coupled with big fatty. In your house like yeah. Surely he'll come. Come come through but dodo to give us that. Grad stabat sheds bed wallpaper. The at least maybe some of us wanted but no it was. It wasn't too bad but Yeah i think yeah. I think nick was probably disappointed with the mangrove that but the fact that mcdonnell went on to get to the final property says something about the you know the level that mcdonald was bringing to the core. Yeah and akshay kiro set that his head was in the shed after leasing that much he was particularly both of the two either way he you know he lost that much but he he was kind of saying he didn't really care that he lost an bit worrying because if he's actually that invested in what's happening on the core like does he really want to be there and you know yes. He hasn't played law and sort of just connie coming back into it but he was sort of saying he's he doesn't really feel like how he should or how he used to get used to get very worked up an emotional on the court say really kind of needs to rediscover his his mosier because even with the crowd that he just wasn't wasn't failing at yeah. That's what i was asked why. I was surprised by because you took quite him. He was saying. I actually missed the days when i was losing and i was carrying on and i was getting fined and i was frame my rackets. That just meant the cattle archie cad. What was happening now. i lose. i'm actually happy for the guy it was. Yeah it was. I think surprising to hear those comments and you know we know. I think nick carry offices either. His character i think has changed. I think dare. I say the pandemic has has changed him but It feels like at the moment. Yeah he's he's lacking that little bit of energy and not an x factor. The i guess gets him up in the morning in terms of playing on the tower. And i think that sort of coupled with the fact that he's not had a lot of experience in as much as he is a great talent and a great kind of competitor. He's just not had much much. Tennis is probably thinks he wants to be able to do is just not letting him do that at the moment and i think that was the case in in round one in in dc. Losing donald in straight-sets Yeah i think it was. It was disappointing and fa carry us. Maybe he needs to go away in. I think maybe get angry but maybe angry with a more sort of constructive positive sort of output as opposed to the fines the bands and with soda. Stuff that i think we saw that we saw pre pandemic..

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