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David F. Boland, Representative, Milwaukee discussed on Jeff Wagner


To the show I'm looking at a tweet sent out by Democrat representative David F. Boland last evening and it's got some video attached to it marching here's what he writes marching with a diverse crowd of youth through the conservative Milwaukee suburbs where they elect legislators who don't support progressive policy that would hold officers accountable it's one AM and narrative is the same just give us the change we need one a a by the way several hours after the curfew so you've state representative who doesn't feel that he has to pay attention to the curfew but that's not the big point we're marching through the conservative Milwaukee suburbs where they elect legislators who don't support progressive policy that would hold officers accountable can we just take a step back here for a moment hold officers accountable now I I presume he is of course referring to the murder and I use that word murder I believe you can argue whether it's first degree or second degree or third degree or whatever but it's it's a murder the murder of the man in Minneapolis a week ago Monday at the hands of a police officer so that that's it we don't we're marching where they elect legislators who don't support progressive policy that would hold officers accountable not let's wait a second it was try to break this down officers aren't being held accountable what exactly does that mean the last time I checked the officer who was responsible for the death directly was arrested taken into custody and is being held I believe still without bail he's in custody I mean what what what more do you want what policies do you want to hold officers accountable the man at least in my opinion clearly violated the law he has been arrested presumably he will if the charges stick and I believe they probably will if they're properly charged he will be serving a lengthy term in prison for what he did all the other officers who stood around and watched while the man's life was taken away they they have now been fired everybody's been fired and I know the authorities are looking at the terminal whether or not there's some criminal charges they can bring their so but what what more accountability do you want in this particular situation you have a justice system that appears to be working you have charges that are issued you have people who have lost their jobs and yet you get well we know these these were in the suburbs where the legislators don't support progressive policy that would hold officers accountable the officers in the case if together for referring to Minneapolis they've all been fired one is already in jail my guess is that there may be other charges against one or more of the other officers so it's it's kind of like you know what what really is the point this is we we we started off with the protests demanding justice for the perpetrators of the crime in Minneapolis and now it's just this sort of broad well we're going to March through the suburbs because we want to call out the the legislators who don't support progressive policies to hold legislators accountable what does that mean speaking of not being held accountable last night another night of rioting in the capital of the state Madison that was pretty much allowed to go on governor Iverson doesn't appear to be saying too much about it despite the fact that this happening literally on his doorstep the mayor of Madison doesn't appear to be inclined to do much if anything to stop it if you haven't been following the story I mean here's the way the newspaper accounts describe what happened in Madison let me this is the journal Sentinel of all places the city's most popular biz this district looks like a war zone Tuesday morning following looting and destruction by a group of people who broke off from a mostly peaceful protest to stop out car windows late Molotov cocktails lute said a Molotov cocktails of course a firebomb looted stores and beat two men with a crowbar police left the crowd alone until about one AM when looting and concentrated violence violence began Madison police chief Vic Wahl said one person fired a gun into the air during the may help at that point the officers used tear gas to break up the crowd it was the third straight night of peaceful protests during the day and destruction and violence at night the iconic forward statue that sits at the west of the capitol steps was covered in red paint on the state veterans museum someone painted where is our museum do you hear us now the capital itself was vandalized with spray paint and nearly every step and sidewalk on its website was painted with black lives matter I can't breathe and other please the group but groups not associated with the daytime protesters have continued to destroy State Street leaving nearly every building spray painted and smash Tuesday morning around five AM a couple of business owners were already cleaning up for the third day in a row one man who was sweeping a sidewalk in the four hundred block of State Street and did not want to be named who's angry with city leaders for what he characterized as allowing the destruction to continue night after night he questioned why a curfew was imposed if police aren't enforcing this the mayor of course says if you are angry about property damage damage be more angry about the unjustified deaths of black people property can be repaired we can't bring people back to life more than seventy five businesses on State Street were vandalized over the weekend while looting and destruction also hit stores on the east and west side of Madison and owner of a luxury auto dealer said six vehicles worth more than two hundred thousand dollars were stolen on Sunday to malls on either side of the city were broken into to target stores were looted among other stores that were robbed while protests downtown were leading to groups committing violence and destruction but the story goes on and on and on but you get the idea of what was going on in Madison and of course it extended to the suburbs sun prairie police arrested two people from Madison who had broken into a target store in sun prairie looters also made off with merchandise from the Fontana sports store in downtown Madison protesters threw rocks and other items of police officers striking one in the face and injuring others at Google's diamonds which sits in a complex behind west town mall beside red all merchandise has been removed from the premises so in other words if you're coming in here to loot there's nothing here that you can steal our number eight five five six one six one six twenty that is the accurate mortgage talk N. text line is it fair to criticize authorities for allowing this to go on now you you have a tale of a couple different cities you have some cities across the country where there was widespread looting early and finally the authorities have decided to say enough is enough and they have gotten a handle on it Minneapolis was nowhere near as bad yesterday as it'd be in the days before that you have other communities where the protests have been largely peaceful not exclusively but largely peaceful and Milwaukee would be in that category and then you have places like Madison we're night after night it appears to be nothing short of anarchy and it appears that the authorities the people responsible for controlling behavior simply decide that they're going to look the other way eight five five six one six one six twenty that's the accurate mortgage talking text line if you are a business owner in Madison taxpayer in Madison and to the extent all of us pay taxes to help I don't know support capital and we're going to be on the hook for cleaning up all the mess that was made do we have a right to expect the authorities even though it is the people's Republic of Madison to say look we're going to start protecting these businesses and night after night of vandalism and destruction and looting and arson he's not going to be tolerated eight five five six one six one six twenty that's the accurate mortgage talking text line what's going on in Madison where is the governor on this where is the mayor will you understand the mayor says what's his property damage your property can always be repaired tell that to all the businesses who are having the windows busted out night after night by a spin off of the protesters as I said yesterday I'm not against peaceful protest at all and I think you know lots of the protesters the folks that were out walking show yesterday deserve credit in general the protests in Milwaukee I think you've been peaceful what is going on in Madison though night after night after night is a completely different story and how long should civilian authorities allow it to go on eight five five six one six one six twenty that's the accurate mortgage talking text line we discuss in a minute if you're on the line please hold on hi Jeanette near here we're told to wash your hands for at least twenty seconds well that's roughly about the same amount of time it takes Jean Miller to brute force and drink his first Cup of coffee.

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