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A low of seventy tomorrow partly cloudy thunderstorms once again possible with a high of eighty nine right out seventy seven at o'hare seventy six at midway seventy seven in morton grove sixty seven along chicago's lakefront with the winds coming out of the southeast at thirteen miles per hour i'm eric rung in the w._g._n. newsroom ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes on chicago's very own seven twenty w._g._n. thinking big thoughts so you don't have to john williams allstate skyline studio where you darling us in the live radio the stream or maybe you're listening to me tomorrow on a podcast hello future self we're in the allstate skyline studio till three saturdays ten to noon don't miss the mincing rascals podcast we dropped one last night on ya the gang went around it and it went around on a couple of issues and for the first time ever the mincing rascals include a segment where steve bertrand covers david bowie we actually have the two of them sync up rather nicely and i think it's going to be a hit i asked walter jacobson the world famous journalists who join us in the two o'clock hour and give us his comments on the democratic presidential debate last night walter was really good on it yesterday he took notes in fact he did something you didn't do he actually watched the dang thing and so he's going to join us in the two o'clock hour but then knowing that walter.

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