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One o'clock in the four o'clock sunday games all the players they were all allied lives prior to two thousand nine and prior to two thousand nine so jesse williams understands that shows you the ignorance out there the star spangled banner was played has at nfl games i fact the starspangled banner really since the 1940s when it started being a common invented baseball games even though as early as the w i dunno late 1800s uh you know it had been played at a variety of different games but uh a 1918 i believe was in the world series it it was play during the seventh inning stretch and then started to catch john and wasn't played at all games but became more popular after a 1918 but it just shows your modern over this chester williams kit is but it just shows you why why is he odd is t to be talking about the media it's like msnbc you're going to get jesse williams i don't even know who branded you were viewed over you don't jive i'm looking at know i don't know who he is i'm looking at some of the titles that he's worked on um i i don't i don't recognize anyim i mean there's on television of that that was movies on television law and order back in the day in two thousand six um grazed anatomy okay sesame street which i'm guessing was a guest appearance it was that's it pregame national anthem kimber potted two thousand nine i got it is a fifth completely at odsal well again zoellick any you sound like an idiot 'cause anybody look americans may not be able to tell you the three branches of government and they may not be able to to the the the ah what does that the majority was at the majority of americans that does didn't know that uh a course had to eighty five percent of americans couldn't tell you the freedom of religion gene was in the first amendment that may be the case but i think most americans probably who watch sports would tell you that the starspangled banner was being played prior to two thousand nine right what an idiot they're an and it also goes back to the whole bogus freedom of speech thing the nfl organization if they change the rules and then they tell and the.

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