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Right back with your number is eight six six talk gun or just out. Tom talk gun. We're pretty much open lines. If there's something you wanna talking about a question, or you're gonna just tell me about cool gun that you have or had or you're thinking about buying something. And you're just not sure if you ought to pull the trigger on it. Eight six six talk gun Laura's with us on line four out of Farmington, New Mexico. Hi, Laura what's going on? I can't I'm a our day on Gun Talk. This is the four corners, New Mexico. Well-armed woman Monterey Bay. Okay. Ever. You're kind of cutting out. But I want you to tell people what the whale arm woman group is it's a national women's shooting organization. It's for women who have never shot who wants to shoot we love to shoot. Without you teach. It's just a gathering of women's issues together. And we should something different every month. We did painting last month job moon full paint over Kansas. And you know, so do I think women involved, right? So what's going on with the AARP's? You're introducing. I mean, obviously some women there have shot a ours before, but they have to be some that have never shot an AR. How's that going? Well, they will be here at you. We're setting up for now in our. We had a ours in the classes look at and talk about and we had lined up different calibers of rifles, shotguns, and they were dumbfounded. Why is it such a big deal? I'm looking at the little hole hit made in that target compared to a whole that this made in that it. It's a weird thing. Isn't it Laura? You start presenting the information they look at it. And they look at the right where they look at the cartridge, which is a small cartridge, and it shoots a little bullet. And you can kind of see the light starting to come on above their heads. And they realize I have been lied to about these. Yes. And we try to in a very non or full way remind them that if you enjoy shooting then you need to cast your vote. We talked about whatever's in the New York today, we'll be I'm all done with Levi day. Yeah..

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