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At the mosque three in the last ten games judge is batting three O three, his slash line, three O three, four 42, and his OPS one two three zero. I'm bad at numbers. Is it too early to ask why people are pitching to him, Rizzo is having a good year, but I'll take my chances. No, and we were asking that question about halfway through last year. We assumed that teams would bypass pitching a judge as much, but they get pitching to them even when the Yankees had all those injuries and judge was like the most formidable force in that lineup. And I guess there's some analytic argument not to intentionally walk in and pitch around him, but you know what? All he does is keep doing damage. And when the Yankees win, it feels like judges involved every time. Andrew salvo at desalvo writes in you recently referenced the trend of starting pitchers rarely reaching the 7th or even the 6th inning anymore should Major League Baseball consider changing the definition of a quality start to the scores discretion and do you think they might? I don't think that they'll take that fight on any time soon. And if I remember correctly, I think that that effort would probably have to start with the Elias sports bureau. But it's hard for them to change the definition of a particular stat, right? Which, by the way, was invented by my good friend John Lowe, who used to cover the tigers for the Detroit free press. Oh, that's pretty cool. Elizabeth Hart at E Hart tweets writes in, can you please talk about how zombie Bassett is a better picture than 95% of pitchers in the league three singles over 7 shutout innings. Every rotation needs a plow horse, the mets rotation needs a plow horse, like the guy who's going to go out and maybe isn't going to throw a shutout every single game, but he's going to give you a lot of innings. He's going to pitch deep in the game. He's going to save the bullpen and he's generally generally speaking going to be effective. And that's what Chris bass has been for the Blue Jays. I love zombie Bassett. That's a great nickname. That's a great name. Last one for the week. Paul a Haynes at Haines lab MQ rates and what happened to the opener and the bullpen day every 5th day they used to be common in baseball, but seemed to have faded out, is there a good reason? I think it's because teams now are more likely if they suddenly have to have a bullpen type day. They're more likely to go with a guy who's going to throw two or three innings. It's kind of, I don't really think it's that different than what we used to see with the opener. And the bullpen day. And I think teams, it's amazing how many transactions every day where teams are moving pictures up and down from the minor leagues. I'll say it again. They become the running backs of the Major League Baseball. Teams just burned through pitchers, it feels like day after day after day after day. And the old standard when we talk about teams that need to be great that need to have a great rotation. That's just not true anymore. The Atlanta Braves are a classic example that max fried is down. Kyle Wright is down the braves rotation has taken a hit, but they just throw a lot of guys at it and they try to out hit their issues. Dodgers too. All right. That'll do it for bleacher tweets, hashtag bleacher tweets over the weekend. You're watching games. We'll be back on Monday and today is just a good a day as any to extend adley richman. Thanks everyone. Well, that's it for today.

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