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Zero six nine AM seven forty KCBS KCBS news time four twenty grief counselors will again be on the, campus of an Antioch, high school today KCBS Scotla Terry reports the two former students. Were killed and three others were injured in an, alcohol related accident there's a makeshift memorial at the scene of the crash with flowers, for the two recent. Grads of deer Valley High, School eighteen year old John wall Lozada and, seventeen year old Dhaka rape Vega Rolla the, two were celebrating with three others coming home from San Francisco when the car they were in flipped off highway twenty four onto city streets below reading women were injured including the driver. Eighteen year, old rahmael Ramey was arrested for manslaughter and driving under the Influence reef. Counselors brought into school for anyone on campus is the community grieves this tragedy even though it didn't affect me personally I think you know it's still makes. You think yeah every single teacher that I've had for the lights today's has gone through like what happened How tough it is I I. Know people that knew them and he's been hard on them I have teachers who had them, as their students so a lot of people are devastated about a five teenagers went out Saturday night to celebrate their last weekend together before splitting up and. Going their separate ways the accident has left family friends and the. Deer Valley High School community in shock and disbelief Scotla Terry KCBS a Riverside County school district will pay. Eleven million dollars to the parents of a thirteen year old boy. Who drowned in school swimming pool Alex Pierce attended vista Murrieta high school in the town. Of Marietta he got into trouble in the pool and. Was under water for several minutes before he was pulled out but what's remarkable about this student live cards did not perform, CPR the boy remained in a coma, for a month before, he was removed from life. Support, the lawsuits said the school district lacked proper safety. Policies a mother has, been pleading for Twelve. Years for witnesses to, come forward in the murder of her son in San Francisco KCBS has Megan. Goals, reports the polit Brown says the SF PD should have been able. To solve this case by now Brown says she. Believes she knows who killed her son seventeen year old Aubrey apricot at the intersection of grove and Baker streets on August fourteenth two thousand six she says he. Saw the gunman coming for a group of people and yelled for them to run they did, and the attackers turned on him and they all come and say you know army died saving our lives but if he died saving your lives they how. Come you can't speak up and help me you know these people. These were neighborhood people in you you've played on my stairs you went to school with my children but. You won't say anything and that is what investigators need says assistant. Police chief Tony chaplain definitely obvious cases solvable if we saw other cases we can solve. This one but this is again this is one of. Those cases where we actually need The help of the community somebody saw this and they're sitting on that information. Right now, and we need to step step forward which can be done, anonymously chaplain Brown and community members held hands and prayed in the intersection, was killed Russell. With their, conscience in the western addition KCBS it's a new mail scam using some old tricks KCBS. Is Keith men Coney reports Santa Clara county officials are warning residents about it, it's a, case of both blackmail one. Version of a letter tells the recipient, that quote I know about the secret you are keeping. From your wife and, everyone else it then goes on. To demand a large payment. Susannah goal with the Santa Clara county, district attorney's office calls it. A very clever letter show and that, it does, not, specify which, secret and because, of. That it casts a very, wide net it can catch. Many people who have, something imperfect in light but this classic scam by may AOL has, a twenty-first-century twist the scammers ask for that payment in bitcoin which says. He's more difficult to trace than other forms of payment the. Letters have apparently been sent all over the country with many originating, in, Nashville goal says if you ever get a letter that you're just not sure about a good. Test is to input a line or two into a search engine you'll know. Pretty quick if anyone, else has, gotten it to the defense of course is for. People to recognize cans and not send money Keith men Coney KCBS it's now. Illegal to, smoke anything in public parks. In Reno the ordinance was approved by the Reno. City council in July went into effect last week the band includes all trails and extends to within one hundred feet of sports fields recreational facilities except in designated areas no cigarettes pipes no. Cigars no pot no e cigarettes no vaping nothing possession. Of marijuana is legal in the state of Nevada but even. Consumption of that is allowed only Within a private residence KCBS news. Time four twenty five this is a Bloomberg market minute south futures point to a lower Wall Street open as a diplomatic spat between the US and Turkey continues to grab investor attention as. In p. Futures down fifteen points NASDAQ, futures down fifty three Dow futures down. One hundred and forty six NYMEX crude is, lower by one point three percent at sixty six dollars and. Sixteen cents a.

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