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Let's dive into the minor leagues Is it hard for you to believe with everything that the minor leagues went through a year ago and not playing and now Getting through a full season even though it was pushed back that it's almost done. The minor league season is almost done. That's hard to believe for me. That's right and the the minor leagues are in their final week. With the exception of a couple of exceptions where is the dominican summer league which started much later. It's gonna play into october. And those are the young man who play on the backfield in the various academies in the dominican republic the cardinals have two teams there the other team that will continue to play as memphis aaa now. Their regular season will end on. Sunday is coming. Sunday's it's like all the other leagues but they added a two weeks onto the end of the aaa schedule where the teams will play a postseason tournament. Basically where they'll play five games a week. Ten games total in the team that you know have the best record. We'll we'll get crowned the champion because there won't be any real playoffs and there's a couple of reasons for that one. The main reason is i think that they're keeping aaa going is that that provides a ready source of reserves for the major leagues because this year their own they were only allowed to two more players for the final months of saint. Louis went from twenty six to twenty eight players but if they had a rash of injuries here you know the rest of the way. You don't want all your triple eight players sent home for the winter so by keeping them playing you know you can call up guys from memphis bring them up and down as needed. The other thing is there guys rehabbing. So let's say dakota hudson isn't quite ready to rejoin saint louis. And he needs to pitch next week. Well the only place he's available to pitch could pitch would be for aaa minutes. So you know that gives organizations a little more flexibility as they're trying to complete this regular season with a with a strong and full bench about dakota hudson What kind of role do you think he could play for the cardinals here and the the final couple of weeks. Why a little surprised. He hasn't been called up yet then. and the answer seems to be that they want him to be able to pick multiple innings Because he certainly shown in short bursts. And i think he's up to two dollars an hour and he shorted shown in short bursts that he can be effective right now. Major league i think he was. You know he looked much better. For example we had. The michael did So so i guess there's just one i'm not sure exactly what the last piece they wanna see. Maybe it's getting it's pitch count up to fifty or sixty or you know whatever the target is but you know. I have a feeling that. We're going to see dakota hudson which saint louis pretty soon in terms of ranking the prospects Ah summer now. Basically in the books you kinda re ranked the cardinal prospects in and redone that with the cardinal nation dot com. What do you have try again Every month and sometimes i'm better at it than others but the goal is every month to re ranking of the top fifty prospects..

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