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Scott Goldberg house leaders are getting ready to subpoena the White House for documents related to the president's July phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart urging him to investigate political rival Joe Biden a whistleblower complaining about that call pointing out the White House tried to cover it up and went as news conference reporters asking the president if he'll honor house impeachment investigation subpoenas this is a fraudulent crime on the American people about will work together we shifty shift and policy and all of them but the president's own acting director of national intelligence in the inspector general say the whistle blower presented credible concerns which triggered the latest investigation Andy field ABC news Washington in an exclusive interview with ABC news house speaker Nancy Pelosi said today president trump is scared of the impeachment inquiry Vermont senator Bernie Sanders tweets he's feeling good following a heart procedure in Las Vegas the democratic presidential candidate had to cardiac stands inserted after doctors discovered a blocked artery ABC news deputy political director Mary Alice park says Sanders campaign is trying to downplay it in the past when I had questions about his age they would point to his activity level they show pictures of him shooting hoops with his grand kids and talking in front of tens of thousands of college students three or four times a day they would say the proof is in the pudding he's keeping up with the rest of them and and and off and doing more campaign event that a lot of the candidates who are decades younger gonna be a lot harder for them to try to bin or swing this this feel extremely theoria the FAA is ordering inspections of.

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