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It's twelve minutes to get from ground zero to downtown whichever game whether together on the tense under the laws of the WTMJ palette of you why dot com the W. T. M. J. five day forecasts for this morning the rain has moved out drying out eventually we're gonna have partly cloudy skies breezy and cooler conditions today with a high of seventy degrees actually pretty nice through much of the day for tonight partly cloudy lo fifty three for Saturday mostly sunny high of sixty four Sunday sunny and sixty eight Monday partly cloudy chance of showers late dive sixty eight and for Tuesday partly cloudy slight chance of showers and a high of seventy five I'm meteorologist Brian is Nancy with the storm team forecast on the V. T. M. J. right now in Madison fifty six Green Bay fifty five Waukesha sixty in in Milwaukee sixty three at seven eleven rise and shine Wisconsin time to get up with the top stories of the day out of bed with the latest traffic and weather and out the door with everything else you'll need to know this is Wisconsin's morning news with Jean Miller and Jane Matt mayor Brian D. with sports Debbie laws are gone traffic and Brian is Nancy has your storm team forecast now live from the annex wealth management studios and radio city here's Eric bills Eric in for gene gene just taken a vote today he'll be back on Monday the rest of the game here brands are for sports Jane of course Debbie's got the roads Rachel and Mike also keeping track of everything for us of course we've been following the situation in Minneapolis just been heard kind of a tough morning when you wake up and you hear about everything.

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