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Out of Jeffersonville, and sixty five northbound still looking good from shepherds villain. Brooks up to the Snyder Freeway. No problems pants the outer loop fern valley road to the Watterson expressway ramps. Our next report in ten minutes about a yellows NewsRadio eight forty WFAN. I'm wwl Kyi meteorologist, Mamello Cevic Tuesday forecast will feature a partly sunny sky. Highs inching up towards the eighty degree Mark. Why tonight with low near sixty six but without your chance of showers and storms tomorrow, not an all day rain. Highs will be very warm, and eighty eight degrees. We'll be partly sunny Thursday is a summer, like ninety one and we'll carry that ninety degree heat into your Friday to round out the workweek. That's your wwl forecast. I'm meteorologist Mamello savage. It's fifty five at News Radio eight forty. W H AS. Our top story is overnight violence in Louisville. LAPD working at least three separate shooting scenes with five victims. One of those victims is dead shooting responded to share drive in the park hill neighborhood around two thirty this morning, officers found a man there who'd been shot. It was pronounced dead at the scene. A large crowd gathered after that shooting, and they're reviewing security footage at the housing complex. Just six minutes later to Vic. Victims showed up at saints Mary, and Elizabeth hospital, a bluegrass avenue they were later taken university hospital. Police not sure where they were actually shot at and their conditions currently unknown and a little before that at midnight. Police responded to the twenty six hundred block of lark would avenue where two more victims are taken to university hospital. They're expected to survive. No arrests have been made in any of the shootings that if you know, anything call the tip line five seven four LAPD. It's six thirty three at News Radio eight forty. W. H A, S voters have been going to the polls in parts of Kentucky for thirty four minutes. Now, Paul miles previews, this primary day, the race for the democratic nomination for governor is the top contest watch on this primary election day Andy Bashir is focused on seeding. The Republican.

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