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God. That's so that right? Yeah, but you can't really, you can't fight. They don't gain and alcohol. What kind of contest is? This is a see which one survived the weekend? Is that what it is? But who do you think wins? Nobody wins the promoter the audience show my house. America is lessened for it, turns wins because it might be under name is begging God to kill them or, you know, destroying the planet. You can't have total freedom and putting it off. The house. By the way, we do have a sponsor. By the way, I want to talk about our new sponsor, we have a sponsor, but right now, they're not worth anything because they haven't on the market yet. But we have these Punk, Jake Paul Tobin gradual. The function has went on the market as far as the market. You can, you get the fuk Jake? Paul token? They do is just a dollar sign. F, Jake, I have lots of these folk Jake Paul Tobin. If they go in the market July 30th, you can get it off. FJ, go to FJ, or it's also you can go on there. Uh, they have a pre-sale right now. You can go to go to F, Jake, Jake, Paul token off. This is Eric, she is just not funny. It's like it's a token. It's a crypto crypto crypto coin. Yeah, if you guys give me your trust wallet, I'll send you guys some. By the way, is a great. Well, so if you want, why do I feel like the Paul brothers are behind this and then Thursday and then and a YouTuber. Critical Jake, Paul token, they get it, get it now. Okay, trust me on this truck. Jake Paul, we could all make money off on fucking actually felt Jake Paul but but that guy go to F Jake, get the token. It goes July thirtieth. They go live and hopefully they'll be worth something. So yep. It's like when that oh you football player, you know, the OU football player thirty years ago, played for the Seattle Seahawks and it came up with those t-shirts and rebirth. Yes, and go back to just go on telegram, go to fu2 telegram. Join, join the fuk Jake. Paul token on on telegram, July thirtieth. They go on sale preschool. So, can I give you just a little bit of advice?.

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