President Trump, Bob Corker, Cuba discussed on Herman Cain


President or to stop tweeting and start leading the american people long for leadership not divisiveness not fingerpointing not name calling tennessee republican bob corker agreed need again i don't think wavering the president also lashed out at prosecutions against terror suspects and said he would consider sending saiful oh saipa of to the military prison in guantanamo bay cuba and we need strong just as much quicker and much stronger than we have right now twists what we have right now is a joke and it's a laughing stock i wanna thank the terrorism prosecutors and investigators in my office just hours later saipa was charged in federal court acting us attorney june kim the votes in that unit working with the fbi the nypd the jcd have heavy long and on blemish track record of successfully investigating and prosecuting domestic and international terrorists with slap off charged in federal court moving him to guantanamo appears off the table by way of explanation the white house said the president was merely venting his frustration and will not be proposing new ways to prosecute terrorism case sent major garrett of the white house wsb news time is four forty nine the only five day forecast on atlanta radio accurate and dependable on news.

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