The Facts of Life Cast Reunites for Lifetime's Holiday Special You Light Up My Christmas


News lifetime reunites facts of life stars for how they move feels I would like to think listener and friend needs for alerting me to this immediately the facts of life stars Kim fields Mindy Cohn Lisa Whelchel N. Nancy McKeon are reuniting for a light up my Christmas hearing December first on the lifetime channel I can't now that Lisa Whelchel didn't tell us about this when we hung out with each how dare she will send a tersely worded tweet to her later but in the meantime let me tell you about this because according to people which exclusively announced the noon Kim fields is gonna be the executive producer now this is not the facts of life okay this is a movie with the stars the facts of life but not in the characters that they played on the facts of life exactly so these are some of us are really based on a true story in the RAF okay go ahead based on a true story the movie tells the story of Emma Kim fields a woman who helps remind her home town about the importance of embracing the holidays here at this time now is a bunch of stuff we don't care about okay I don't know what this movie is going to be about but they're all going to be in the movie and I couldn't be happier I said to my friend name I wonder if they're gonna do like a C. GI Charlotte rae because you know Mrs Kerry no longer with us even better okay they are literally going to rename here in a name and a skating rink in the town Charlotte Rainey's reacts queue so in the movie will be a nice all hat tip to shore okay I like that that's better than the CG I Charlotte rae because of the little weird right yeah no word on if George Clooney is going to be in it these are gonna be let in there that's the word anyway I don't really know what about now and while I would love them to do an actual facts of life you know actually are you in I'm fine with this because I don't care and I'm gonna see them all in the same place and Mindy Cohn I have not seen on the big or little screen for a thousand years so this is what I like about this I I I I I mean I don't know jury still out however this is what I appreciate about this structure of a reboot is that it's not like they're trying to shoehorn their old characters into a new story here in a way to be some like yeah it just gives them the opportunity to all work together again and gives us sort of did it scratches that nostalgic itch for us but it'll be I'll be curious to see how it's received and and if it's any good because I think this could be again a way that other shows kind of get around that reboot thing yeah without

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