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Incidences i mean i'm trying to think of a right handed to hitting outfielder who we calms to me ask because he takes his rox i mean no this is we a guy walks who more will than that a lot take more than a that walk i i'm he's thinking not striking stay more out solar at winds z her laugh dishes level all rotisserie is he statistics is e oh not the overall okay prime player all right here well we i mean jones is it's not usa now as much to of like i a k fifteen was gonna rate bases but adam jones optimal i i we'll take guess a walk for a degree ups but in but empathetical trending up until up hits i mean all i fields was going to why that's what can't haniger he be is doing just an uptick yeah then the k rates aren't the same but otherwise i like it it's conway i'm going with jones said if you take the walks outta the equation there are similar a nose guys are top twenty outfielders i i'm ready to i'm my ready to call haniger todd twenty mercy were i had 'em is in a way how to pit touch out her finger comparison to those two players neither one a show on any hint of an injury history so heavier d did miss time last year do we penalize them for last year's injury i have haniger is my number thirty one outfielder he'll move up today because this guy's at a dropping like biron bucks in he's going to go to like number forty i've had enough he's my biron box in my number twenty twentysix south for is not coming up at the only time soon didn't he heard a toa while he was re having i'm done billy ham with not done but not my top thirty outfielders ryan braun out adam eaton trending out haniger might end up in my top twenty altitude it was today i can't believe him saying that i i i thought last year was.

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