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You do the broadest comedy to the craziest Shakespeare and everything in between. Yeah but it took that gesture. Yup and all of a sudden the whole business was like. Oh let's look at you for some comedies. I and then within a year parks and REC started. Yeah and I I had been on. Will and grace but and so people thought of me as being funny and I started thinking to myself as being funny or more funny than was maybe average funny and But it wasn't until the two one grace ended that I did a show. That was completely improvised. Shaw never done Improv. She's scared to do it or sketch. Comedy for that Nar and and I realize I was actually pretty good at it and ever since then every other show done outside of and grace They not only welcome improvisation but they almost expect it. Yeah and if you're not able to do it it's sort of a a problem. Yeah Yeah so That also changed me and it it. It changed the people that I was drawn to. And who are drawn to be and it's it are now. Our whole circle of friends is our entire circle of friends but they're primarily people who come from comedy. Yeah and WANNA life people. It's a very caring and sharing comparison any other branch of the entertainment people. Really you know. It's the people are supportive of other. They'll give you you give somebody a job in your show. They give you a job in their show. It's a lot less competitive and I love that. I do think I do think that there is somewhat of the qualitative difference between People that are in comedy that sort of sketch based Improv based or comedic acting and Silica standups like stand ups or kind of their own capsule. They mixed Kinda well together but they don't but they're not used to playing with others as their bread and butter so I do think that like I do. I HAVE. I have number stand up sitter dear friends and they are every bit as funny as any Improv Person. Every bit as kind warm. But there's also like an I mean it's a cliche about the standup that comes off stage and it's like onstage. It's a party but offstage it's a funeral you know and and that that. Kinda does exist and I think it's that's much less so in in the more collaborative comedy forms you know because they obviously it's like it's amazing that we make living at this. It's ridiculous that we make a living at this and it's that's not like why you didn't start doing it because you wanNA beyond snl or on a Sitcom started because Jesus crisis is fun You know I'm you know it's like somebody. That's good at playing basketball. You WanNa play basketball with people that can really shoot. You know we whatever your life situation you. I think it naturally occurs to you purely organically that Oh something. The general mood could be improved here. Yeah I have this funny feeling. You guys oops. I fell down everyone laughs. You're like oh I know. I know why I was sent here. Yes yes get out. The BANANA PEELS. Yeah. Yeah Well I think it's time satellite too. I know it seems town this very very extra super special episode of in bed with Nick and Megan the beloved number one world. Famous podcast starring. Mr Nick offerman featuring featured guest player Megan Mullaly Gas starring the one and only our dear friend a lovable funny smart and talented. Mr Andy Richter. Thank you for having me so much fun. You let me sweat up your bed. You're you're you're a little hot in here. We have to turn the air conditioning earlier in the day. It gets a little song muddy because we have to. Yes but later in the day beautiful so next time later in the day a bit. There's a lot of sweat and goes on in this room. My in my classic sign off peace to all the good people of the planet. It's too long my classic China. What about them?.

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