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Force bloomberg radio it's a tuesday afternoon here at borstal radio we're at borstal hq with me it's portnoy it's coli and that's another two hours to get weird with us a lot of topics the run through today as always will take your calls as well six four six six two seven eight four five oh but whenever there's big lebron news that's you know we're gonna start off of that you know we're we're going i don't even know which story going to go with here is multiday there's multiple run i was blog and one of them right now as we speak while the chicks the sliding into the dmz to me is is you know we've we've done all sorts of other type of lebrun content we've never done this type of he out hasn't he been like i like b gases or something like senator count yeah he like liked pictures from the account i like the gases i might add any did this was sofia bush rate rachel bush yet another what so this is the bronze move slides into deums uh so she aired him out obviously sheep she posted these dm she posted it yeah she posted on her uh was it snapchat chat yeah he so he sowed lebrun dm this girl a little red heidi hood who is a former barstools smoke friend of the program was at dp forty issue of hanging out daily 40th birthday party uh and so the brandi amd her teach me out a hot and i'll teach you how to play ball deal lol and she screen shot at that and then snapped it saying athletes sliding girls deums all the time so this isn't the craziest part but sheesh biggest book i've ever seen over here all right so you wish so there was she was repeating what he said he said that the her he said biggest book i've ever seen it was the picture she posted a picture of like a dead buck that's what he said to her she she where what where did he say that like the the dmz doesn't say that that reach out of the ems just says teach man hunt.

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