The House, Cavaliers, Kevin Durant discussed on The Basketball Analogy - The TBA NBA Finals Preview: 5/30/17


God i i've got a pain around the house would be more excited that crap and o'brien behind the big fan of making predictions in any as everyone else to explain their predictions i love it i don't know they their since why wouldn't you say warriors and six the because you you felt so hard on that sort last year why would you put it right back there again even if you're wrong why would you do it again well actually kevin pelting just did ran the numbers and i was just reading this before we came on and he said there's actually attend to twenty percent chance that the warriors not just win the series but sweet the cavaliers based on the fact that they had a game five in the grips before dream on green with suspended and then they added kevin durant to the team i don't know why this is such a hot take when they added kevin durant to a team that won seventy three games last year's what kind of cannot with all due respect to kevin felt look kind of statement is something there's a ten to twenty percent chance of something happening i mean that's that's made you know if you go into your your weather app and you see that it's gonna there's a good twenty percent chance of rain and you're not like such terrible i just think the altener i just think it's the ultimate hatch it's the ultimate heads the numbers say this has learned stuff this is science that's not why and i and i'm and i'm saying despite all the numbers it's just a hedge the whole thing is a heads the whole now to try and use.

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